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Taking Care of Yourself

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (582 words)
Categories: Car, Care, Yourself
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In this paper I chose to write about Healthy vs. Happy. I will talk about the relevance of being happy and healthy from my perspective. Taking great care of my body has always been important to me. With that being said not only do I like to take care of my body, but also it is also exciting as well as motivating for me to see the great changes that one can make happen with food, diet and exercise.

Almost 20 years ago I took an interest in vitamins, herbs and healing the body.

My first book and guide down the path to a healthier lifestyle was Prescription for Nutritional Healing. I had a membership card to Vitamin World and I was on a journey to learning about the body, healing, how to and when to do a detox and so much more. I loved this book so much and what I was learning in it that I began to purchase it for friends and family members as a gift.

As a child I was diagnosed with adrenal disease. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is disease that affected your hormones, energy, stress and so forth.

I learned many years down the line that you had to get proper rest of 8 hours plus, eat a healthy diet, find ways to relax your mind and body and stay out of stressful situations. I also understood that exercise was a priority for maintaining overall health and releasing stress. I started taking yoga classes for relaxation of my mind and body as well as including cardio 3-4 days per week in my exercise regimen. In 2009 my adrenal glands began to over work and I became fatigued and sick for 6 months or so.

It became more of an urgency for me to take even better care of my body and mind. After having such a wake up call of treating my body and myself better I set out on a different course of learning more. I enrolled in a 6-month yoga certification class to learn the benefits of yoga on the body and mind. I began to use yoga daily as way to set my tone and intention for the day. This was my time for meditation, reading and relaxation prior to leaving the house.

One would think that the only way to maintain a healthy lifestyle would only include cardio; however I learned that I could do cardio and yoga to maintain a weight that I felt comfortable with. In 2010 I decided to study health and the body a little more. I started taking a 1-year online program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I learned so much more important information about the body, food, organics, GMO, aminos, the digestive tract and more. In conclusion I have examined why it is important for us to take care of our bodies with diet and exercise.

What I have learned over the years I find it important to share with friends, family, clients and co-workers. If you don’t take care of your body you are putting your self at risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, unhealthy weights, clogged arteries and other diseases. Life is not promised to us day after day. Therefore I feel it is of value to watch what you eat, include some type of system of twenty to thirty minutes of cardio, yoga, zumba, walking and most important drink plenty of water. It is your life and you are in control of it.

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Taking Care of Yourself. (2020, Jun 02). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/taking-care-of-yourself-new-essay

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