Support Children and Young People During Transition

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Explain how a child or a young person’s approach to transition may be affected by their culture, religion, personal beliefs gender stage of development and previous experiences. How a child or young person sits within his or her family can be vital to how they transition, children or young people from a large family can either feel like their being held back or feel very fortunate. In some cultures it is common practice to have grandparents living with Mum and Dad and in others it is perfectly normal to have aunts and uncles living altogether.

Being part of an extended family can have its upside, You may have access to more time and attention from adults, especially if one of them is at home or retired from work. On the other hand a child or young person from a lone parent has only the view from that parent and what if there is little or no contact from any family, how or would this affect transition? Will the child inevitably come through his or her transitions the same as his or her peers?

Obviously as each child or young person would have been offered different opinions, they are likely to maintain a difference of opinion as this is what they would be raised as, therefore altering their approach to transition slightly to another of a similar age.

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They may also reach their intended transition sooner, if they have older siblings who are encouraging or maybe they just like to copy.

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Larger families with large numbers of children can sometimes come under fire from the government and media, seemingly struggling and unable to provide quality time for each child. Whichever the family size a child needs to feel loved and valued, they also need to feel safe and have a clear set of boundaries. Ensuring these needs are met helps a child on their way to successful transitioning.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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