Summary And Review Of Death Cure By James Dashner

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In the Death Cure, Thomas has woken up in a white box. This was phase three of the trials. He was going crazy with no one to talk to for about 3 weeks. Finally one day the door opened and Rat man stepped in. He told him that phase three was over and he can see his friends again. He met them all in an auditorium, they were faced with a very hard decision. They could have all of their memories back, but they would forget everything from the point when the Trials started.

Thomas and the Gladers didn’t feel right about WCKED (World Catastrophe Killzone Department) going in their brain. So when the time was right they would attempt their escape.

They escaped without any harm done. They flew in a berg to a big city where the cranks were kept out. This place was called Denver. They only planned to stay for a little bit, but then when they arrived they were approached and handed a note.

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It told them to go to an address, it was signed by The Right Arm. They didn’t know who this was but they wanted to check it out. When they went to the address they found there old friends Gally from the maze. They were told that they needed to get the chip out of their brain that WCKED put in. After the procedure, they were told that The Right Arm wanted to stop WCKED. They discussed their plan for Thomas to go into WCKED’s headquarters and plant a device that rendered there weapons as useless.

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Then they planned on blowing into the building and fighting WCKED. Thomas was captured and they try to take his brain for experiments. Luckily Thomas was saved by Chancellor Paige. She gave him directions to where everyone else is. He starts looking for them and he has to go back into the maze. There are about 400 people. The bombs go off and the ground starts breaking. They all start running in groups of 50 to the exit of the maze. Thomas had to shut down all of the grievers by himself, the last one almost killed him before he could rip the kill switch out of its body. Out of 400 people, only 200 made it out. They all escaped through a teleporter called a flat trans. The earth seems fresh and clean for once since the sun flairs. The 200 of them have to start a new life.

My opinion

This is a very good book. Once you start reading it can actually be fun. I also don’t like to read that much so that says a lot about this book. It is has a lot of action in it, so reading never becomes boring. It can be hard to understand because they use some odd words but if you have read any books from the series you will be fine. Reading the other books helps to understand the plot because they often reference stuff you won’t be familiar with. In conclusion, this is one of the best books I’ve read.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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