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About 3,000 schools and less than a dozen districts across the U.S. have switched to all-year schooling. When a school system takes on the all-year school calendar, they go from having 10-13 weeks of vacation during the summer to having a three-week break every nine weeks. Traditional schooling was made essential due to agricultural practices of the past. All-year schooling however would not benefit students or administrators.

A year-round school year is not good for students. Teens could have a very difficult time getting/holding a job without the time that summer break supplies.

35% of teens ages 16-19 have held a summer job. New school hours could make those jobs practically impossible. After-school programs could be cut. It is hard enough as it is for schools to arrange after-school activities like sports practices and sports and art camps (choir, band, theater, ect.), new school schedules would call for the need to cut these programs. Students would not be able to attend summer camps, studies show that about 38% of kids go to summer camps.

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Summer camps benefit children in many ways. According to Peter Scales, Ph.D. “Camp is one of the few institutions where young people can experience and satisfy their need for physical activity, creative expression, and true participation in a community environment. Most schools don’t satisfy all these needs.” The knowledge a student gains in the classroom could be just as valuable as what they learn in a classroom. The year-round calendar would also make it very difficult for transfer students from outside of the district to catch up.

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It is difficult enough for students when they move schools, academically and socially but adjusting to the new schedule would be very difficult for them. Students would be negatively impacted by all year schooling. `

Some people disagree with the traditional school schedule and believe that all-year schooling is best for students. Some people believe that all-year schooling helps children to retain information. However, all-year schooling can make it difficult for students to create a healthy routine. Not being on a routine can make it harder for kids to retain information. If parents or teachers are worried about their students/ children losing information over the summer there are measures that can be taken to ensure the wellbeing of the student’s academics. Such as summer school, a reading goal with some sort of incentive, or daily writing activities. Others believe that their children will get bored over the summer, although this may be true for some many students enjoy relaxing over the extended break. Summer vacation isn’t only good for relaxing. Summer break benefits students by relieving some of the academic pressure that they may be faced with during the school year. Summer break does not only benefit students, it also benefits teachers. Teachers need time to prepare for the upcoming school year. Summer break provides students with the opportunity to explore and learn outside of the classroom. Classroom lessons do not always meet the demands of a student’s curiosity. Kids can use this time to unleash their creativity, go on an adventure, and even read.

School maintenance costs would skyrocket! Day to day use of heat, air conditioning, water, electricity, and the repetitive wear and tear of the school’s resources such as buses, textbooks, and technology. As of now the average cost of a textbook is $250 per student per year. The repair costs of Chromebooks and computers would be unreal. All of this uses electricity, the school’s technology gets unplugged over summer break but it may not be unplugged during the shorter breaks. K-12 buildings in the U.S. spend an average of 67 cents per square foot on electricity. The school would get hot! Many of the schools in the U.S. have non-functioning air conditioning units. The school does not have enough money to fund these costs.

All-year schooling would not benefit students or administrators. All-year schooling would cut out after-school activities and important summer/ sports camps. The all year calendar would cost the school a ton of money! All-year schooling would increase academic pressure and stress on students. Teachers need a break too. Year-round schooling would end up having more consequences than rewards.

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