King Arthur and His Knights Round Table

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We have read King Arthur and the knights of the round table. It’s a fantasy/history book. Here is a short summary: After Uther Pendragon’s death, Merlin the druid forms a stone, and in it, a sword. On this sword, it is written that anyone who can pull it out of the stone will become the new king of England. After many years, the young Arthur, (secretly the son of Pendragon), pulls this magical sword out of the stone, and becomes king.

Together with Merlin, he constructs a round table, where only the best knights of England may sit.

More and more knights come to join the brotherhood of the Round Table, and each has his own adventures After many years, The holy knight Sir Galahad, the son of Sir Lancelot, comes to the court of Arthur. With his coming, all knights ride throughout Europe for the search of the Holy Grail of Jesus Christ. Only four knights see the Grail: Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival, Sir Bors de Gaunnes and Sir Galahad.

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After the Grail is found, the last battle of the Round Table is close-at-hand.

In this battle, many knights die and with them, King Arthur, his nephew Sir Gawain, and also, Mordred, the wicked son of King Arthur and his half-sister Morgana le Fay. King Arthur is buried at Avalon, the secret island of the druids and damsels. A remarkeble quote from the book was; ‘and herewith I make you a knight. Go forward as you have begun, and there will be a place waiting for you at the Round Table.

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And I hold that you will be one of the truest knights in all the Realm of Logres, and one of the gentlest and most valiant.

Said Launcelot to Gareth of Orkney. ’ We decided to choose this quote because Gareth of Orkney was a kind of an outsider. When he came to Arthur’s castle, they were making fun of him, and bullied him. But even after everything he has been to, he made it to a Knight of the round table. Next thing you are going to see, are some pictures that deal with the book. We used some pictures from the movie King Arthur. We thought that these pictures were the most matching pictures we could find. You are going to see some pictures of the main characters and more.

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