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Study Plan

Dear Visa Officer:

My name is ***, Currently, I am a graduate student, majoring in *** at ***. I am very fortunate to have been selected as a recipient of *** Scholarship and admitted into the *** Program at University of ***. I am truly looking forward to pursuing my Ph.D. study in Canada in the next four years.

One of the most important issues in crop agriculture is the economic and environmental cost of using large quantities of nitrogen fertilizer. And higher production with lower nitrogen input or so-called higher nitrogen use efficiency is one of substantial goals of modern agriculture. Therefore, it is of far reaching importance that we perform the basic research on molecular and cellular mechanisms of higher nitrogen use efficiency in crop species, in which I keep the keen interest and to which I decided to devote myself. Therefore, I have been working on maize (Zea mays. L.) nitrogen use efficiency and low nitrogen stress during the three years of master graduate study.

My research project was “***”, which was a collaborative work with ***, my future supervisor in the University of ***, who has visited *** for academic exchange and cooperation. *** has worked on *** for several years and published plenty of achievements in internationally influential journals. Through three years collaboration, I know that the research level of ***’s team is prominent and they accumulated a wealth of research experience on ***. Moreover, it is well-known that University of *** is one of Canada’s most research-intensive universities, with profound research record, outstanding teaching quality and award winning student services. It was ranked as the fourth best comprehensive university in Canada and especially have a high reputation for its agriculture related disciplines and researches. Therefore, I decided to apply for the *** Program in University of *** and chose *** to be my supervisor.

After I arrive at ***, on one hand, I will definitely complete my doctoral courses and get Ph.D. degree. On the other hand, I will try my best to do my dissertation research. I expect to publish 3-5 SCI papers in leading journals of relevant research field. Further more, I will board my knowledge and enrich my research experience tied closely to a cutting edge research area. Taking good advantage of the breadth of the convenient services in University of ***, I will devote myself to laying a solid foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical experience on the researches of crop biology issues especially on crop nitrogen use efficiency.

As a developing and big agricultural country, China faces to crucial agricultural sustainable development challenge. Farmland in China accounts for 7% of that in the world, however, consumes more than 30% of global nitrogen fertilizer. Improving crop production under reducing resource waste and environment pollution catches more and more attention. Therefore, after my graduation from University of ***, I will go back to China, hopefully to be a scientific researcher in a university or a research institute, and contribute as much as I can to my motherland in agricultural scientific research, especially in crop nitrogen utilization. China has put forward several programs to provide sufficient fund and/or facilities for recruiting talents from overseas in many fields, including agricultural research.

Based on my achievement of plant biology at University of ***, as well as national great support for talents from overseas, I will spend less time to build a better research system. In addition, the advanced ideas of crop agricultural sciences, good relationship resources in China and enhanced English skill gained by my experience in Canada will be beneficial to my research development, and promote international academic communication and collaboration for agriculture improvement in China.

I most sincerely hope your approval for my application. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Yours Sincerely,

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