I strongly disagree with the statement

Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answers showing that you have thought about more than one point of view.

I strongly disagree with the statement. I think there are many better options open to the mother in the case of an unplanned pregnancy. For instance, adoption is a great option open in such a situation. However I can see why some women might think abortion is their only option and I can empathise with their situation. But from a Christian perspective, I feel that abortion is morally wrong.

Unplanned pregnancies happen for many reasons. When people consume large qualities of alcohol for example and are unaware of their actions. Also teenagers want to explore their sexuality and thus can engage in unprotected sex which often results in pregnancy. Also contaception isn’t always reliable and effective (as many as one in six contraceptive products is defective).

I think the main option open to parents of an unplanned child is to give the child up for adoption.

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The story of Esther in the bible tells us of a young girl who was adopted as a baby. She grew up to become one of the greatest leaders of the Jewish people, and proves to all that just because someone is adopted, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be a good person. One of the greatest people who is mentioned in the bible was adopted. This story can give hope to people who are adopted.. The Hierarchy of England and Wales said on 24 September 1968, “…it is against the plan of God to take positive steps to destroy the possibility of the transmission of human life”.

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Thus adoption is a much better option than abortion.

A mother can also choose to keep the baby, or send him/her into foster care untill such a time as she is ready to look after the child. Foster care is perhaps the better option of the two. The mother may be unable to cope with bringing up the child from day one. Keeping the child may have a detrimental effect on both the mother and father, as well as on any other children who are involved already. Keeping the child could mean that the family could run into financial difficulty and also could not devote the time needed to raise the child.

Abortion is the most problematic option open to parents of unwanted babies, in my opinion. All Christian denominations feel that human life should not be violated at any stage. The Catholic Church teaches vehemently that abortion is wrong, but at the same time does not judge women who have procured an abprtion. There are also many groups and organisations who are constantly campaigning for an end to abortion.

Abortions can be very dangerous for the women who procure one. Ripping of the womb can occur as a result of the tools used in the operation. Also a woman who has an abortion may have psychological problems and may feel that what they did was wrong.

In conclusion, I feel that abortion is the most problematic option open to parents in an unplanned pregnancy, and there are many better things that can be done.”The law of Moses, indeed, punishes with due penalties the man who shall cause abortion” (Exodus 21:22-24).

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