I am when we were young at least when I was young I believed in superheroes like the legendry “Iron Man”; sadly, as I grew older I slowly lost my belief, however the joke is on me. The individual I examined was named businessperson of the year by Fortune magazine in 2013. In addition, he puts in 100 hours out of every week and is viewed as a visionary and a virtuoso, with a mission to change the world and make it a better place.

As a young child Elon was called ‘Genius Boy’ and created and sold his first video game at age 12. Elon Musk is the creator of SpaceX, Tesla Motors Inc., PayPal and other prominent endeavors intended to change mankind. Aside from taking up the job as the CEO, he is additionally a product architect with Tesla Motors Inc. Without doubt, Elon Musk and Iron-man characters are comparative in numerous ways that are truly unfathomable. So, how about we examine how his advancement as a leader has assisted him in becoming one of the foremost innovative leaders of all time (Smith,2015).

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Personal Background

Elon Reeve Musk is literally out of this world, but more importantly he is a spellbinding and inspiring figure. Investopedia stock analysis: “How Elon Musk Became Elon Musk” (2018) noted, his journey began in one of South Africa’s capital cities named Pretoria in 1971. He is the eldest of three children within a demanding family. His dad Errol Musk was an architect and his mom Maye a model and nutritionist.

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As for his siblings, Kimbal Musk his younger brother as of now is an investor and environmentalist; whereas, his sister Tosca Musk is an honor winning producer and executive. Sadly, at the very young age of nine Elon’s folks separated, and he lived generally with his dad. Musk began school a year ahead of schedule, going to the private Waterkloof House Preparatory School and later moving on from Pretoria Boys High School. He studied ravenously and was moreover an eager fan of comics. He has always been Self-portrayed as a bibliophile and something of a wise guy, he was harassed in school and pulled back into his books to the detriment of his social activity.

Furthermore, at 10 years old, Musk was acquainted with PCs specifically with the Commodore VIC-20. He immediately figured out how to program, and at 12 years old he made his first $500 dollars in the sale of a game called Blastar to Spectravideo. In one amusing story, Musk, alongside his sibling Kimbal, arranged to open a video arcade close their school. However, evidently the main thing ceasing them was the requirement for a city license which only an adult can apply for. Later, when Elon was 17, he was able to dodge mandatory service in Apartheid South Africa’s military by taking up residence in Canada, by receiving citizenship through his Canadian-conceived mother. Further, leading to him attending two years at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario at the age of 19. It was here that he met his future spouse and now ex-wife, Justine Musk, with whom he has six kids. Moreover, Elon eventually won a full grant to the University of Pennsylvania and moved to the United States in 1992. Further, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and remained on an extra year to procure a Bachelor of Science in economics. At that point he moved to California to start a Ph.D. in in applied physics at Stanford University, this venture lasted only two days, Elon quickly left the program to take an interest in the furious internet website blast (Investopedia stock analysis: How Elon Musk Became Elon Musk, 2018).

Professional Backround

It seems as if Elon Musk was born to be one of the world most innovative entrepreneurs, showing potential at a very young age. As stated previously Musk accomplished earning his first $500 at the early age of 12 with sale of the game “Blastar” to Spectravideo. At 24 years old, he and his sibling Kimbal started Elon’s first organization, Zip2, a supplier of internet platform solutions for media organizations, which had the option to win contracts with organizations; for example, the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Eventually, Zip2 was sold to compaq in 1999, for $307 million cash and $34 million in stock. Thus, utilizing his Zip2 buyout cash to make X.com, a company he intended to shape into the future of banking. X.com was converged with an organization named Confinity and the subsequent organization came to be known as PayPal. However, before it was purchased by eBay Musk was removed from the organization (Investopedia stock analysis: How How Elon Musk Became Elon Musk, 2018).

However, in 2002 he introduced SpaceX; a privately-owned business concentrated on shaking up the space industry. Be that as it may, considerably more, it is the very first privately-owned business to dispatch a rocket to earth circle and come back to Earth. According to Shrivastava, 2017 Musk began it with the objective of decreasing space transportation costs and empowering the colonization of Mars. More importantly, banding together with NASA, he will probably make excursions to Mars moderate for the normal individual. But even more, has plans to set up a space state of 80,000 on Mars by 2040, imagining it as an option in contrast to potential eradication on this planet. At that point a year later came Tesla Motors, established in 2003 is a start-up vehicle company that expected to deliver all-electric automobiles, the company is devoted to creating reasonable, mass-market electric cars. This automaker and sustainable-energy company obtained SolarCity in 2016, to form a carbon-emissions-free world. At present he is taking a shot at a high-speed transportation system named the Hyperloop, which could potentially transport 350 miles from Northern L.A. to East of San Francisco and would hypothetically enable workers to go between the urban communities in 35 minutes or less. This is all done in low-pressure tubes, utilizing electromagnetic fields for fueling the movement (Blazek, 2018).

Leadership Style

In the event that you would like to work for individual or organization who knows which leadership strategy is most successful; but even more, an individual who through his own ambitions and drive towards perfection, manages to see your full potential and pushes you to succeed as well, then you may want to work for Elon Musk. Without doubt, Elon Musk is a transformational leader, illustrating “extraordinary vision, devotion, and determination” as he endeavors to complete his vision (Blazek, 2018).

Elon Musk at the age of 39 years old has accomplished becoming is an inspirational, innovative leader who has created a very impressive resume. For instance, he is not just the founder of Spacex, but he also the CEO and CTO of SpaceX; in addition to co-founder, CEO and product architect of Tesla Engines, chairman of SolarCity, co-chairman of OpenAI, co-founder of Zip2, and co-founder of PayPal (Blazek, 2018). Noted by Yauney, (2018), occasionally ex-employees of Elon’s depict him as autocratic and blunt to the point of offensive, however, they remain strikingly loyal. When you join a well-considered statement of purpose with transformational authority something Elon appears to do very well bringing about determined and inspired representatives. Further, giving a feeling of direction in addition to providing focus among the team as well as the company. Elon’s vision of a prevalent future and enduring confidence in that future make a sentiment of desperation in his associations’ work and a conviction that anything is possible. Like Steve Jobs, Musk’s capacity to impart his vision to his representatives empowers him to enlist top-level staff, notwithstanding when different organizations are increasingly settled or offering fundamentally more pay. While agents may either venerate or severely dislike the man for his techniques, ordinary splendid youthful personalities are dependably maneuvered into Musk’s authority and populate his associations today (Yauney, 2018).

Whether on earth or in space Musk truly represents a true comic book hero, and with all his endeavors he sets the bar for the remainder of the business. Blazek, (2018) illustrates, SolarCity, established to help battle climate change and or global warming, and is the second biggest solar supplier in the Nation. With Tesla, he constructed reasonable electric autos and proceeded onward to significantly increase the quantity of supercharger stations. To urge vehicle makers to grow the electric vehicle industry, he permits utilization of Tesla’s innovation licenses.

Transformational leaders tend to collide with leaders who oppose change, as Musk did at PayPal. They are likewise especially talented at spotting what isn’t working more effectively than other leaders, as demonstrated by Musk with the affirmed California High-Speed Rail system. Similar to Steve Jobs, Musk is a prodigy and a visionary however maybe his most extraordinary characteristics are his faith in his own vision, his drive and his perseverance, declining to acknowledge snags in his way (Blazek, 2018).

Success or Failure

He requests nothing but the best from each individual on his team; and, more importantly from himself. When others see issues, they see them as headaches, however, he sees them as an opportunity. Elon thinks about the solutions and the opportunities he can utilize to solve that problem, in addition to thinking about the solutions, he guarantees that those arrangements are executed. As previously stated, Musk is relentless and at times works more than one hundred hours per week. Thus, why representatives of SpaceX and Tesla Motors are able to accomplish, what some would say is impossible, within such a tight slate. But even more these representatives are encouraged to take the upper hand, buckle down, and inspire to work harder. Moreover, Musk is amazingly goal oriented and needs everybody to be 100% energetic about his vision. He is known to set brief due date with limited spending plans and doesn’t acknowledge disappointment. He requests the best from each individual from his groups and himself. A large portion of Elon’s creations are guided by his will to illuminate a few of the huge issues confronting individuals (Shrivastava, 2017).

Furthermore, Elon is known as a risk taker; however, when your mission is to change the world you have be and without doubt you going to face a few bumps in the road. He has demonstrated colossal boldness by embarking on a totally new array of items in the market with insignificant back-up. Without doubt, there were times when both Tesla and SpaceX were nearly falling flat and failing, and it is regularly said that Musk’s tremendous passion for Tesla, put his team under great pressure. However, Musk has been genuinely effective up until now anyway popularity and achievement don’t come simple and it requires colossal endeavors to look after it. Today, Musk is 39th richest man in the world (Shrivastava, 2017).


Elon Musk is evidently an intriguing individual and hopeful person, all the more significantly a good example to all business visionaries. Through his exceptional life conditions, Musk has built up the basic initiative abilities of being a motivated understudy, an assiduous representative, but even more an astonishing innovator, also a brave self-assured individual, which still effects his ability to triumph as a leader today. Yauney, (2018) states “An office culture based on continued learning, leadership by example, clear mission objectives, and positivity is the greenhouse that empowers employees to grow into effective managers. Companies that pay the price to cultivate a strong office culture will increasingly set themselves apart and experience substantial organic growth as employees step up to become effective managers and branch out the organization” (Yauney, 2018).


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