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A very good morning to the headmaster, Encik Ramli, teachers and fellow students. It is a golden opportunity as I am able to stand here to give a speech on this special assembly, to bid farewell to our beloved headmaster who will be retiring tomorrow. Please lend me your ears. Teachers and fellow students,

As you know, Encik Ramli started his career in teaching for 30 years since 1983 at Sibu,Sarawak. His first school was in a rural area. The name of the school is SMK Tasik Pedu.

By that time, he was only a greenhorn in the teaching industry but is willing to encounter any obstacle given. He is specialized in English and he always encouraged his students in reading to improve their English skills as it will be useful in the future. Encik Ramli believed that English is important because English is used in most countries as their mother tongue. Encik Ramli graduated from a top-notch university, so he’s grey matter outstand the others.

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He doesn’t mind about the students background as his main objective is to elevate their knowledge in English. Encik Ramli is active in sports. He was also a physical education teacher.

He is very good in playing soccer and basketball. The school basketball team was coached by Encik Ramli and they had won first place in the international basketball competition. Encik Ramli once advised us to lead a balance lifestyle by indulging ourselves in sports on a daily basis so we won’t get deadly disease such as obesity.

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He was promoted to become a headmaster 10 years ago, as a result for his dedication in teaching profession, as he puts his nose on the grindstone for the better of his dear students. He is also amiable to everyone which makes him likeable. The most important thing is that our school proudest achievement ‘the best school in district’ which achieved last year by the help of our beloved headmaster, Encik Ramli. The award was based on the environment, which is kept in pristine condition without a single trace of rubbish and the academic, which most students excels in their studies.

Teachers, if not because of you all, we will not get that title so as a token of appreciation, we would like to thank you and we all appreciate your help and your effort to make this school as the best school we have ever been and the best experience that you give to us while studying here. Lastly, I would like to give best wishes for the future to our headmaster. I won’t forget how you shed blood, tears and sweats to raise this small building into a prestigious school. You will always be in our best prayer. Thank you for lending your ears to listen to this unerased memory speech. We hope the headmaster will be in good health and always be in our heart.

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Speech Headmaster Retirement
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