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Social Media speech

Paper type: Speech
Pages: 3 (653 words)
Categories: Biology, Brain, Business, Media, Psychology, Science, Social Media, Social science, Society, Sociology
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Views: 55

How many people can live without using any technological device? Very few right. We live in a generation where one finds it very difficult to live without a phone. We are so dependent on technology like it’s a drug. Over the recent decade, information sharing, communication, converting sight to sales, among many others, has been free-flowing and easier. This reality is as a result of a new world that connects billions of people with a variety of platforms such as; WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and many more.

I am confident that my clues make your guess as right as mine – social media; a bridge, or a barrier.

Let us go on a statistical trip on what social media can do concerning mental and psychological health. How many of us have ever thought of the amount of time we have to our free disposal? If not, it is worthy to note that out of the 168 hours we have in a week, about 35 hours of it is to our free disposal.

Research has proven that we barely have an account of how we spend this time. Upon interviews with both social media users and non-users, forbes.com, a US-based website, found out that about 87% of this free time is spent on social media. What do I mean to say here? It is simple; social media is addictive and time-consuming. The use of social media releases dopamine (a neurotransmitter that activates reward circuits in the brain), which excites the user. This scenario is synonymous to the pleasure we get when we take in hard drugs. Due to the brain’s irresistibility of dopamine, we tend to crave for more whatsapp, tweeting, snapchatting, among others to release more dopamine into the brain; this continuous gratification process leads to addiction.

Many people confuse the use of the internet with social media. According to research conducted by Forbes.com, it is only about 85% of internet users that use social media. Online schooling, online marketing, and E-commerce can be successful without social media. Most of these platforms are meant for internet users; thus, social media and non-social media users. They come in the form of websites which has practically nothing to do with social media.

Although, social media can be used to keep in touch and stay connected with friends and family but people use it to share private information, and post about their personal life all over the web. Over 69% of people due to cyberbullying commit suicide. In our present age, a lot of the youth now tend to use social media .They get exposed to all manner of things such as pornographic materials, fraud and many others. The youth tend to imitate the celebrities that post about their personal life on platforms such as Instagram and snapchat. In the process of imitating them they engage in all manner of acts such as fraud and others to get to the standard of these celebrities. The youth being exposed to these things now can be an impendent on the nation.

Also, to talk about communication, most social media users find it a pampering experience to sit in the comfort of their home and interact with someone as if they had a face to face conversation. Most of us interact with anonymous people and later build a relationship thereof. A study by the University of Nottingham shows that there is a limit to the number of friends the brain can handle. It takes actual social interaction (not virtual) to keep up these relationships. How many of us can remember just 50 of our Facebook friends or 30 of our Instagram followers; taking out those we interact with on face to face basis? We all can agree that actual social interaction far out-weighs virtual social interaction.

In conclusion, we are not against the view of social media’s usefulness. We think social media is more of a barrier than a bridge.

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