Social Media's Revolution in Fahrenheit 451

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Social Media has influenced today’s society from the recent dance trend to updating your favorite influencer or music artist. The mass usage of social media are teenagers and adults have spread causing social media to go largely around the world. In today’s society, social media brings people together because people have opportunities to create relationships with others and provide safe communication from long distance or short distance, but it can also tear people apart due to cyberbullying and the isolation of human interaction.

Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have provided relationships to many users on the internet. In the article “Teens and Social Media”, teenagers can create relationships based on preferences. That is, users can discover sites that other users have “liked” from their same preferences. For example, a user can find another user with the same interest of animals or their favorite music artist. Finding people with the same interest or preferences can allow people to communicate in which “connections provide some teens with much wider circles of friends than they would have had without technology” (Gale Student Resources in Context).

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Acknowledging that relationships in social media bring people together with just a like or share that the user makes can bring opportunities to users and many more. In any event, relationships can improve more interactions with other people and create a diverse community of connection of ideas. Furthermore, the idea of interest makes a connection in the book Fahrenheit 451, Mildred and her friends have a discussion on politics and explain this year’s election: I voted last election, same as everyone, and I laid it on the line for President Noble.

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I think he’s one of the nicest looking men ever became president. Oh, but the man they ran against him! He wasn’t much, was he? Kind of small and homely and he did shave too close or comb his hair very well. (Bradbury 93) As a result, society in Fahrenheit 151 the people do not know that the election is ‘rigged” but continue to have the same interest in the president and connect over the president in a way.

The election can bring people together because if one person says something about the president which means all people would have the same preference. Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have introduced a new way to communicate with other users within many countries in the world. In the article, “Teens and Social media” have been labeled as “safer than chat rooms” and more “restricted which help reduce the threat of internet predators” (Gale Student Resources in Context). This emphasizes that social media offer safety for adolescents and avoid harassment from other users. Today social media has become more restricted with their communication within the user and provide a safer use. Likewise, social media made communication easier and cheaper for users from far distances. For instance, the author states that social media has made communication with teens much easier regardless of location. Chat Rooms have allowed users to keep in touch with friends who live or who are staying far from them. Many can find the person they want to talk to when the other user is online. Users now have an opportunity to contact those people that they normally talk to as long as they wish. Including that users do not have to pay expensive charges that mail offer. (Gale Student Resources in Context).

To illustrate, the article demonstrates that over the time that social media has been introduced, communication made it so much easier for all people who cannot afford a cell phone or do not have the time send mail. The article incorporates that social media can help users who do not have enough money a chance to communicate with their friends with no worry. In addition, society in the book Fahrenheit 451 demonstrate the use of communication with an invention that was created by Faber. For instance, as Faber finishes his invention he responds with ‘You will be the drone, the traveling ear’ (Bradbury 87). To emphasize, the invention that Faber made allows Montag to communicate with Faber about his surroundings. Faber’s invention which resembles a Bluetooth can demonstrate society depends on communication to access more information. In addition, communication in technology can benefit in the novel’s society that Faber’s invention can follow Montag ‘comfortably home, warming frightened bones’ and ‘hear and analyze the firemen’s world’ (Bradbury 87). As a result, communication in Fahrenheit 451 is easier with no worry whatsoever for the novel’s society.

Communication in Fahrenheit 451 connects on how it can bring society together with communication long distance without worry and satisfies them to discover more about others and talk to friends. While there are multiple benefits of social media, there are several negative consequences such as cyberbullying and human isolation. In the article “Technology gave rise to cyberbullying. Can it also stop it?” demonstrates that cyberbullying can “damage the sense of dignity and emotional wellbeing of young adults” (Mendoza). In order words, cyberbullying has affected adolescents in social media with rude comments and unnecessary harassment. Cyberbullying has also affected young adult’s self-esteem and become self-conscious with themselves. Besides cyberbullying has been affecting young adults with a “psychological impact that can be devastating” and cyberbullying has also lead to “suicide that is not unknown among young adults” (Mendoza). This illustrates that cyberbullying has affected dramatically to harm a user but mostly teens from their mental health to themselves.

Cyberbullying has been an issue in social media that it tears people apart over hate and harassment which can lead to abuse or even death. Then again, social media tore people apart by human isolation which connects with the novel Fahrenheit 451 with the character Mildred. Mildred depends on technology throughout the novel, especially with the parlor walls, she desperately wants another one since she already has three, “it’s really fun, it’ll be more fun when we can afford to have a fourth wall installed” (Bradbury 18). Technology for Mildred is controlling her life with her parlor walls which isolates her from Montag. The parlor walls have affected her life with isolation from the world and depend on technology. Along with human isolation, Mildred isolates from the world because of the parlor walls but most importantly because of her family. Mildred depends on her ‘TV family’ when Montag forces her to turn off the parlor tv, she responds with “that’s my family” (Bradbury 46).

Mildred focuses on the “TV family” more than Montag and her surroundings of the world. The TV family has affected Mildred’s life with isolation from society and controls her throughout the story with manipulation that all she needs is her “family” and technology. In conclusion, social media has positive effects on society which brings together a large following of communication to relationships among others. Regarding that social media can tear society apart from harassment to isolation. Altogether social media has been a great impact on society in which it continues to affect people around the world.

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