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Albert Bandura's theory of social learning

Albert Bandura proposed the theory of social learning. There are three core principles. First is the idea that individuals can learn through observation. Next is the concept that internal psychological states are a vital part of this process. Lastly, this theory acknowledges that simply since something has actually been discovered, it does not imply that it will result in a modification in habits. Badura showed observational knowing in his Bobo doll experiment. In the experiment, kids observed an adult acting violent toward a Bobo doll.

Later on when the children were enabled to play with the Bobo doll they imitated the previous aggressive actions. From this experiment, Bandura noted the concept of intrinsic support. Intrinsic support is a form of internal benefit, such as pride, fulfillment, and a sense of accomplishment. Bandua likewise gained from the experiment that knowing does not necessarily change behavior. By the kids learning observationally from the adult, they showed that people can find out brand-new details without showing new habits.

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Once you understand social learning you are able to understand how we learn in social environments. Bandura’s idea of intrinsic reinforcement, introduced the idea of internal reward as another influence to learning. This idea on internal thoughts and cognitions helps connect learning theories to cognitive developmental theories. He also changed behaviorists’ previous ideas that learning led to a permanent change in behavior.

Finally Bandua helped us to understand how to successfully learn; through attention, retention, reproduction, and finally motivation. Understanding social learning has changed my view of the world.

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Understanding the way we learn socially has made me recognize the importance of modeling appropriate behaviors to children or anyone who is following your example. Furthermore, I have learned that importance of encouragement to build self-efficacy, in order, to fully learn in a social setting.

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