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'So much to tell you' by John Marsden

Question: pick a character from the text you have actually studied. Describe how and why the character establishes or changes. Support your points with proof from the text.

Marina is a 14yr old woman, and not surprisingly the main character in John Marsdens ‘A lot to tell you’. It is through Marinas journal that the audience can see her changes & & bit by bit she exposes her past.

Marinas feelings towards her parents-a mother by whom she feels betrayed & & deserted’& just looks after herself,’ and a father who in confusion has actually scarred her irreparably.

Marina was a regular ‘daily’ teenager prior to “the accident, the day, I passed away” she was sent out ti a healthcare facility which she hated, “I seemed like a nutcase”, she “was getting nowhere at the health center” so her mum shippe dher off to boarding school. When marina first pertained to Warrington”I was identified not to let my daddy into my life”, but through Mr Lindell and Cathy, she had the ability to understand and keep in mind that ‘yes’ her father did indeed like her.

Marina went through a “its my fault” phase, but I think her sessions with Mrs Ransome helped to get rid of that phase.

A modification likewise occurred in Marina when she saw Lisa crying, she recognized that she wasn’t the only one with problems, & & that each and everybody has issues no matter how strong they appear on the outside. When Marina initially came to the dorm she hesitated to trust, befriend and even enjoy anyone, but throughout the book things kept taking place that made her understand, you can rely on people.

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Marina liked Cathy and Mr Lindell because to her it seemed they were the only people that weren’t pressuring her to speak “They keep asking my why I don’t speak for chrissake, I don’t know so just shut up!”

The major turning point in the novel was when Marina wrote the letter to Cathy asking her if she could go to visit her father. This is when Marina actually made a major step in conquering her major fear-her father. This is the point when she stops feeling sorry for herself and actually starts to do something about her problems. She actually had some faith in herself and believed in herself that she could achieve it-and she did, she saw her father, not only did she see him, she also embraced him with open arms, and she spoke. She spoke two words “Hello dad”. This is the point in the novel where the audience thinks, yes she’s made it, slowly she’s going to rebuild her life.

Marina’s trials and tribulations made her a stronger character. Though regretted through much hardship. Marina did change, although it was a slow process, it did inevitably happen.

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