Silas Marner Character Analysis Essay

Silas Marner is known to be a quiet, reserved man when he is really a loving person. rmoney, to a man who has little value money and more love for his adopted daughter, Eppie. Silas Marner is a kind-hearted man who believes in adopting an abandon girl and raising her to be a full woman by the time he passes.

Silas Marner lived in a town named Lantern Yard, but he was framed for robbery and his fiancé was taken from him by his best friend, William Dane.

“In little more than a month, from that time, Sarah was married to William Dane; and not long afterwards, it was known to the brethren in Lantern Yard that Silas Marner had departed from the town.” (Pg. 10). Silas was distraught because of the events that had taken place, so he left and moved to Raveloe, where the artisan could continue his work as a linen weaver. Due to his work, it left him suffering from a bad back and as he was growing older, his eyesight grew worse.

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He also suffered from a cataleptic state, in which would leave him to stare aimlessly at nothing and looking strange to the other people of Raveloe. Because of what happened at Lantern Yard, his faith was shaken, and he did not like to associate himself too much with people because he feared it would happen to him all over again.

Silas tried to not leave his house very often, but one night, he had to leave to go get more materials to continue his work.

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He had to use his lock string to hang up some pork that was given to him as a gift from Priscilla Lammeter in order for it to cook, leaving his door unlocked. Shortly after Silas left his cottage, Dunstan Cass, Squire Cass’ alcoholic, immature, gambling son, strolled by and decided to steal all of Silas’ gold because it was there for the taking. “To be sure, the neighbours said, it was no matter what became of Dunsey—a spiteful jeering fellow, who seemed to enjoy his drink more when other people went dry—always provided that his doings did not bring trouble on a family like Squire Cass’, with a monument in the church, and tankards older than King George.” (Pg. 14). After Dunstan had stolen Silas’ gold, Silas soon returned, and realized all his gold had been stolen, so he immediately rushed out of his house heading back into Raveloe to the Rainbow Inn, in order to find someone who could help him get his gold back, and after arriving and barging into the Rainbow Inn, he explained what happened and why he demanded the Justices. ”Robbed! I’ve been robbed! I want the constable—and the Justice—and Squire Cass—and Mr. Crackenthorp.” (Pg. 30). Unfortunately for Silas, there was nothing that could be done to get his gold back.

On a cold winters night, Molly Farren and her daughter set out on an adventure to surprise Godfrey Cass at the New Year’s party at the Red House, but Molly, who is an opium addict, took out a vial and chugged it down and fell into a stupor and laid in the snow, not realizing the cold was killing her. “Molly knew that the cause of her dingy rags was not her husband’s neglect, but the demon Opium to whom she was enslaved, body and soul, except in the lingering mother’s tenderness that refused to give him her hungry child.” (Pg. 58). Her daughter began to crawl towards a light, in which was Silas Marner’s cottage, where he had left the door open and a fire going to dry a jacket. When Silas walked back near the fire, he saw the baby’s gold hair and believed it was his gold. After realizing it was a little girl, he stopped and made some porridge for her, then took a couple steps outside and found a corpse laying there. Silas ran to the Red House with the little girl to find a doctor to help a woman who he believed was dead. The woman was pronounced dead, which meant the baby had no one to take care of it, so the doctor recommended to Silas that he give the baby to one of the mothers in Raveloe to raise it, but Silas declared he was going to raise the little girl. “Why, you’d better leave the child here, then, Master Marner, I’ll tell one o’ the girls to fetch it.” “No—no—I can’t part with it, I can’t let it go, it’s come to me—I’ve the right to keep it.” (Pg. 62).

Sticking true to his word, Silas was determined to raise the little girl, who he named Eppie. Silas raised her all her life up until she married a young boy named Aaron Winthrop. Silas was a good father, he disciplined her, he protected her, and he raised her to be an honest woman. Silas loved Eppie with all of his heart, and refused to give her up to anyone, even Godfrey Cass, who was Eppie’s biological father. Silas told Godfrey that he gave up on Eppie, and that she was not his to claim considering he turned his back on her, making Godfrey realize what Silas was saying true and that Godfrey did not deserve to have Eppie as his daughter because Silas was more of a father to Eppie than Godfrey. “Then, sir, why didn’t you say so sixteen year ago, and claim her before I’d come to love her, i’stead o’ coming to take her from me now, when you might as well take the heart out o’ my body? God gave her to me because you turned your back upon her, and He looks upon her as mine: you’ve no right to her! When a man turns a blessing from his door, it falls to them as take it in.” (Pg. 90-91).

In conclusion, Silas was believed to be a grumpy, stingy old man who only cared about his money and did not care about anyone else. Eppie was Silas’ outlet to the world, she brought him out of his shell and showed everyone that he is a caring human being, who found more love in his adopted daughter, than his money. Silas is an honest man who truly has opened up and changed the way he viewed the world.

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