Essays by Favorite Character Silas Marner

Silas Marner includes many colorful characters who are all unique and important in their own way. They all behave differently and these behaviors all contribute to the plot in some way. However, I believe that Silas Marner, Eppie, and Godfrey Cass are some of the most important and interesting characters in the novel. They share some similarities, but in the end are very different especially in their interactions. These differences are what causes many of the events in this novel.In the beginning of the story Silas keeps to himself and nobody knows anything about him.

The only important thing to him is his gold and, ‘. . . He had clung with all the force of his nature to his work and his money…’ (Eliot 29). He doesn’t speak to anyone and this causes rumors about him and people are suspicious of him because he doesn’t fit in. Because of this he is even colder and more reserved. Through most of the story Silas is experiencing conflict within himself because of what happened to him in Lantern Yard.

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He admits that he finds it difficult to trust anyone and he feels empty.

His faith in God had also suffered, but this changes when he meets Eppie. We see Silas go through a change and he no longer cares about his money that’s been stolen. He becomes more selfless and feeds the child some of his food even though he has never seen her before. Then he adopts her and raises her as his own.

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That is when we really witness Silas developing. He starts going to church again and speaking to people in the town just to ensure he raises Eppie the right way. He also warms up and resolves his problems by taking her to Lantern Yard so that he can reconcile with her past.Eppie was completely different from Silas.

Eppie was mischievous and friendly and loved to explore. Silas never punished her so she was free to do as she pleased and she grew up very independent and stubborn. She also liked little things and told her father that all she wanted was her own garden, which she convinces Aaron to dig. She gets along well with everyone and the only real conflict she experiences is when Godfrey reveals to her that he is her father. This does little to change who Eppie is and how she feels. Though she admits that she is honored by his request to come live with him, she rejects his offer in the end and tells him that she will, ”…Cleave to him(Silas) as long as he lives, and nobody shall ever come between him and me(Eppie).” (Eliot 134). Her loyalty and love for Silas is more important than the wealth of her biological father. She fully supports Silas and even convinces him to take her to Lantern Yard because it is important to him.Godfrey is very different from both Eppie and Silas. He is not outgoing and he is a pushover. Dunseyconvinces him to secretly marry a drug addict, then uses the information to blackmail him.

Godfrey does little to stop this and instead he just worries about it. He isn’t very loyal either. He feels guilty and jealous when he first sees Eppie with Silas, but when he realizes he has a chance with Nancy he no longer cares. After learning that Silas intends to keep Eppie Godfrey felt, ‘…a sense of relief and gladness that was too strong for painful thoughts to struggle with.’ (Eliot 93). His reputation and feelings for another woman are more important to him than his own daughter. Godfrey doesn’t love her like Silas does, but in the end he still tries to convince her to stay with him with a promise of an easier life. This was for selfish purposes too. It took him sixteen years to admit she was his daughter and had he and Nancy been successful in having their own children he wouldn’t have ever told the truth. He told Nancy about Eppie because all of their children had passed away and Nancy wanted children very badly.

Not only does he want Eppie solely to make his life better, he doesn’t really think Eppie should have a choice in the matter. When Eppie says she wants to stay with Silas, Godfrey brushes of their relationship and tries to force her to come with him by saying that, ‘I’ve a natural claim on her that must stand before every other.’ (Eliot 131). He tries to make Silas feel bad by saying it’s for Eppie’s good and that Silas is being selfish by trying to keep her even though Godfrey was the one who exhibited selfishness.Silas Marner, Godfrey Cass, and Eppie all contradict each other in many ways. Though Silas is looked down on for a good portion of the book, he shows that he is a better man than Godfrey Cass. Eppie’s lighthearted and caring nature also have an affect on Silas’s character and she brings out who he was before Lantern Yard. We also see how well Silas did raising her because if she’d been raised by her biological father she may not have acquired the same determination and loyalty that she learned by living with Silas. Because of all of these things, our story was able to unfold in the way that it did.Works CitedEliot, George. Silas Marner. William Blackwood and Sons, 1861.

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