Should Space Exploration Be Continued?

Do you think that space exploration should be continued? Some people think that we should continue exploring the space, and others think that we should stop exploring the space. These people have their own reasons for it or against it. Either way, space exploration has both its advantages and disadvantages. In my personal opinion, I think that we should continue exploring the space because exploring space gives people many benefits. Exploring the space will solve humans’ oversized population and scarce resources problems, and also will improve our technology.

If mankind stops exploring the space, our world will only be limited to Earth, and it will be so tiny compared to the universe. The universe is full with mysteries, and the Earth just a small dot in the universe. Human natural curiosity has to motivate people to explore the mysteries of space. Our curiosity compels us to explore the unknown world. If people stop at the origin and do not do anything, they will never be improve.

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Some people think that space exploration is waste of resources. They think that even if there is a planet suited for mankind to live, it will be so far away, and it may take hundreds or thousands years to reach it at the speed of light. Right now, mankind does not have a spaceship going the speed of light, and even if scientists invent this kind of spaceship, there is no guarantee that we can provide enough fuel for it to travel in light years.

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For modern technology, it will be hard, but I believe in the near future, it will be completed. Can ancient people imagine that humanity has invented airplanes that fly on the sky? No one will really know what will happen in the future, and everything will be possible as long as people who dare to dream. Some people may think that exploring the space is waste of money, and we should use those money to fix Earth itself. They think that “the needs of humanity should always come first. While there are people on Earth who need help, they should be helped, rather than seeing money spent on sending robots onto other planets.” (“against space exploration” np). It is common sense that Earth is the only home for humanity right now, and most people think that we should protect the Earth. Yes, space exploration cost huge amounts of money, and this money can improve people’s life in many ways. In my opinion, I do not think that space exploration is waste of money; and it
is more like a long-term investment. We invested hundreds of billions on space exploration, and it is a huge investment for mankind. Someday, the Earth may not be humans only home. The universe is endless, there is a very high possibility that mankind is not only the high-intelligent life beings, and there may be beings that far surpass human intelligence. It may take hundred years or a millennium for people to live on planets beside of the Earth, but I believe the dream will come true eventually. Can our ancestors imagine that we successfully sent a human being in the space? There is no way they can imagine that since they even did not even know what space is in those old days. “Knowledge is invaluable. Furthering our understanding of how the universe came into being, and ultimately how we came into being, cannot be measured as useful solely in terms of cost.” (“Scientific knowledge has value beyond the measurements of cost” np).

Space exploration can be very profitable, and it will relieve the Earth’s burden supplying natural resource. As scientists found out, the universe is full of resources. If we continue exploring space, people will find more resources. Thus, humans can save the natural resources on the Earth for emergency, and exploit vast resources on other planets. If this plan goes successfully, it benefits the whole human race.

Space exploration will also improve our technology. The great invention such as satellite helps people in many ways. For example, the weather forecasting has “saved lives and help us prepare for the worst hurricanes and dangerous storm.” (“The Largest Benefits” np); The GPS has helped those astray people; also the cell phones and internet that we have used. All these great inventions have improved people’s lives, and all these benefits are thanks to the space exploration.

In conclusion, I think that we should be continuing the space exploration. Although space exploration costs a lot of money, it is worthwhile because we have gained many benefits from it. I believe that someday mankind lives on other planets and it will no longer be a dream anymore.

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Should Space Exploration Be Continued?

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