Space Real Reasons We Explore Space Essay

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Space Real Reasons We Explore Space

In the article “The Real Reasons We Explore Space”, by Michael Griffin, Griffin elaborates multiple reasons regarding space exploration, aside from the justification proclaimed by the media and government. Griffin stresses his belief that the government issued scientific, economic, and national security benefits are exaggerated, claiming that the primary purposes of space exploration consist primarily of personal and value-driven desires. While I wholeheartedly agree with the points introduced by Griffin I believe that he undermines many of the legitimate scientific, economic, and security related benefits associated with space exploration.

I completely concur with Griffin’s opinion as to why many explore space, which he states is human curiosity, a monument to address our accomplishments, and to leave something behind for the future generations. Primarily, I agree with Griffin’s claim that curiosity sparks interest in space exploration. For example, since the early existence of mankind, we are notorious for charting into the unknown. We, as humans, are very curious and intriguing beings. Most species tend to remain in close proximity to their residence, only migrating to improve breeding conditions or to seek a source of food.

However, humans tend to explore any unknown region within their capabilities. Although plunging deep into the ocean or projecting into space doesn’t necessarily improve breeding conditions or food supply immediately, I believe humans explore the unknown in order to prepare for the future. Inevitably, within an unknown matter of time Earth will no longer be a habitable shelter for humankind. I believe humans are interested in spreading their species and preserving their existence by exploring the possibilities of shelter in space.

Another reason I believe that humans seek to explore space if to understand our origins. For thousands of years humans have pondered the purpose and origins of our species. Throughout the years we have lived according to our religions, sacrificed for our religions, and even killed one-another as a result of conflicting beliefs. Since the study of the universe can perhaps uncover so many of these mysteries, I believe it is one of the primary reasons surrounding the support of space exploration. Griffin’s arguments are justified and reasonable.

Although I don’t necessarily disagree with any arguments that Griffin established, I believe that space exploration has fulfilled many more concrete accomplishments than he has mentioned. Space exploration has resulted in new and cheaper technology for medical, scientific, and military purposes, new scientific knowledge, an increase in product standards, improved communication and tracking, new forms of entertainment, and well as many others. In fact, we spend everyday surrounded by technology derived from the purpose of space exploration ranging from clothes to satellite radio technology.

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