Should Parents Spank Their Children

There are many different ways to educate children but it is sure that parents just spank children when there is no way because no one want to hurt their children. Some people say that “spare the rob and spoil the child”,but I think that parents should not use spank as a punishment for children. People should not spank their childrend for many reasons. First,It cause many bad effects on children,especially when they are young. In this age group,children don’t have much perception.

They absolutely believe in what they are studied from teachers as well as parents,so if they are spanked whenever they do something wrong,it can make them scare,don’t dare to do anything and live closely. It is really not good for a young children. In addition,because of scaring,they will study how to tell lie. Unintentionally,parents make children learn a bad habit instead of educating them to become better and better.

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One more effect is that it make a distance in relationship between parents and children.

Young children like to talk with their mother and father,but spank can make them scare and don’t wan to share feeling and any thing with parents. It will be difficult for parents to understand as well as educate children. Using spank as a punishment is really not good for not only young children but also pubescence. It cause bad behavior of children. In this age,there are many changes in their psychology.

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When they were young,spank maybe make them scare and obey,but pubescent age is different. They trend to rebel,so using spank to educate them is useless,even it can make them hate instead of respect parents.

It’s more serious if they are spanked in front of their friends or strangers because it harms their self-respect. More over,in this age,children are easy to be influented by living environment and usually immitate what adult do,so spank can make children become violent,and when this children grow up,they will be burden of society. Even with many of effects,some people say that spank is necessary because it make children understand that when they do something wong,they must be punished,so they must have responsibility with what they do.

This may be true;However,this doesn’t mean spank is good. The important thing how we use and when we use this way to educate the children. If possible,parents just spank children in situation that is really necessary. Educating children is not simple,finding a good way to educate is more difficult. No matter what it is,spank children is not unique way. There for, people should find resonable ways to educate their children instead of spanking.

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