Should adventure sports be banned? Essay

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Should adventure sports be banned?

In recent years we have seen a considerable rise in dangerous or extreme sports. Although I do not support an outright ban on such sports, I do feel that the government should regulate such sports so that they are played under supervision which will minimize the risks.

It is irrefutable that dangerous or extreme sports can cause injury or even death to the individuals. However, banning such sports is not the answer. Instead, the government should ensure that the companies or centres which provide the facilities for such sports should meet the required, legal safety standards. Another argument against banning is that then people would play them in hiding and then they would be even more risky. After all we all know that forbidden fruits taste sweeter.

Furthermore, if government bans such sports, it could be viewed as an infringement of the rights. Those who choose to participate in these sports know the consequences. They know very well what is good or bad for them. They argue that if such sports are banned, then all those other things that are harmful for individuals should be banned like smoking, drinking and eating fast foods.

What is more, those sportsmen who excel in such sports bring name and fame to their country. They break records set by others and when they do so, the name of their country shines in the whole world.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, such sports should be performed after sufficient training and under supervision of experts. Dangerous sport companies should require a license for providing such training. To lay a ban on such sports is not the answer.

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