Senior Project proposal - Photography

For my senior project I chose photography. I chose this topic because a photo can capture any memory, history or emotion and never change, even when history, memories and emotions are. My hours will be spent learning new vocabulary and learning how to capture a photo of anything from a calm nature scene to a fast-paced hockey game.

The product of my project will be printed photos that I have taken over the course of my project. I will demonstrate my knowledge to the judges through a slide show of my slowly improved photos.

I have asked and chosen Matt Moehr as my mentor; he is qualified to be my mentor because he is the professional photographer for the Star News. I will spend my hours photographing hockey games, high school sports and taking senior photos for my fellow peers and other students from McCall-Donnelly high school. I will spend approximately 200 dollars on this project. I will pay for this project through my job at DeLish Catering.

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Photography will be a challenge because I will have to gain the ability to photograph something ordinary and make it absolutely extraordinary. My mother is a photographer, I showed interest in photography when my mother began doing it because she makes everything she photographs an amazing moment. My prior knowledge is very little although I have taken trips with my mother to take photograph of people and nature. This project will challenge my prior knowledge of photography because I know very little about photography.

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This project stretches beyond my comfort zone because I will have to become close to my mentor and my camera, it will also stretch out of my comfort zone because I will have to associate with sports teams and people that are unknown to me frequently. This project is involved with my current hobbies and pursuits because, after my project is completed, there is a possibility of making money because of my future knowledge in photography. This project will keep me interested and active for not only several months, but also several years because pictures have the ability to capture emotions, memories and histories and keep them frozen forever.


For my senior project paper I plan on writing about the history of photography and cameras, it will serve as background information because I will become knowledgeable on the background of photography. I know very little about this topic, but plan to grow more knowledgeable during the course of my senior project. My primary sources in the community for my topic will be photographing sports games and taking senior photos for high school students. I anticipate that this paper will be graded on the standards of a collegiate level and is expected to be very well written and have sufficient information in order to receive a passing grade.

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Senior Project proposal - Photography

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