Self-Identity in Looking for Alaska

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Everybody in the world is tasked with finding a unique future and individualism. Throughout the fictional novel of Looking for Alaska, the universal theme of searching for one’s own self-identity is presented.

Miles Halter, the main protagonist of the story, searches inside himself while under the care and schooling of Culver Creek. In this newfound home, he makes numerous friends and takes part in pranks and other harmful actions. Searching for his Great Perhaps, Miles changes the setting of the novel, displaying the theme.

Alongside the setting, the theme of searching for your individuality is shown through Mile’s character and impulsive actions. In the midst of the path towards the discovering of his self-identity, Miles changes into a newly found ego named Pudge and takes part in a person-versus-self conflict in the process.

However, after the unexpected death of Pudge’s friend Alaska, the resolution of the novel is shown through Miles Halter inevitably discovering who he is and what is his Great Perhaps.

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Overall, theme of the novel, attempting to discover one’s unique identity in life is displayed through the aspects of setting, Miles Halter, the main conflict within himself, and the resolution.

The universal theme of the novel, searching for one’s self-identity is displayed throughout the setting. Due to the lack of adventure and opportunities of his home in Florida, Miles proceeds to finding “. . . a Great Perhaps, and they knew as well as I did that I wasn’t going to find it with the likes of Will and Marie.

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. .” (Green 8).

Due to the desire of finding his self-identity, Miles concludes to move to Culver Creek. Establishing this change of setting is significant because it contributes to the teenager to eventually discover his unique individualism and his purpose in relation to life. Once his parents finalized Mile’s dormroom and said their goodbyes, he concludes that he “. . . should have felt a gooey, sentimental sadness. . .” (Green 10).

The changing of setting displays Miles gladly participating in a fresh start and leaving all his past friends and family in the process. The setting of the novel correlates with the theme because it provides Miles with the opportunity to take part in a new environment at Culver Creek and search for his self-identity.

The universal theme of searching for your identity in life is depicted through the impulsive actions of Miles Halter and the doubts he encounters. Mile’s motivation to enroll in Culver Creek is because he does not want “. . . to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps” (Green 8).

Mile’s impulsive action of uprooting his previous life began with the idea of discovering his Great Perhaps, otherwise known as his unique identity in relation to life. Establishing his eagerness to seek his self-identity is notable because it displays that he wants his future to change and his desire to make his existence matter.

Once Miles arrived at the Creek and began to say his farewell wishes to his parents he felt the pain of pulling “. . . off the Band-Aid and it hurts, but then it’s over and you’re relieved” (Green 9). Although he had been eager to enroll in Culver Creek, Miles has doubts, but his determination to take part in a new opportunity helps him overcome his fear.

Miles Halter greatly wants to find his Great Perhaps through Culver Creek and his new life that awaits. Therefore, the theme of attempting to find one’s individualism is displays itself by Mile’s eagerness to find it now and overcoming his fears in the process.

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