Comparison & Contrast Between Alaska and Hawaii

Alaska and Hawaii are known as popular tourist destinations during summer holiday. Both Alaska and Hawaii offer their tourists a pleasure experience during their stay there. However, there are several similarities and differences between Hawaii and Alaska. The first similarity is about the environment in both countries. In Alaska, the ocean and rivers are unpolluted. Similarly, the ocean surrounding Hawaii is clean and even the rivers there are also unpolluted. Furthermore, the air in both Alaska and Hawaii are pure and clear.

That is why, there is no air pollution in both Alaska and Hawaii. So, the tourists who spend their times in both countries can enjoy the fresh air. The second similarity is the natural beauty that both countries offer to its tourists. For instance, in Alaska, there are Chugach Mountains and Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America and there are also the awesome glaciers which can attract tourists’ attention. Similarly, in Hawaii there are Volcano National Park, Waimea Canyon and the beautiful beaches which are very famous in the world.

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Besides the similarities, there are also some differences between Alaska and Hawaii.

The accommodations, transportations, and climate are the differences that both Alaska and Hawaii have. The first differences is concerning the accommodations like the restaurants and hotels. In Alaska, the quality of the food is poor but, the cost is expensive. Even the hotels there are also expensive and their quality is generally poor. While in Hawaii, there are a wide variety of excellent restaurants and excellent hotels from luxury to budget price.

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Therefore, tourists who decided to spend their holiday in Hawaii do not need to worry about where to eat and to stay while they spend their time there. Another difference is about the transportation that both Alaska and Hawaii offered to their tourists. In Alaska, most people travel there by cruise ship and even when they are already in Alaska, it is impractical to rent a car because the distances between one place and another are too great. In contrast with Hawaii, most people fly there by jumbo jet. Even the rental cars are cheap and convenient in Hawaii. The last difference is about the climate in Alaska and Hawaii. Each of those places have their own distinctive climate. For instance, during the summer in Alaska, the temperature is perfect, and there is no humidity because it seldom rains.

On the other hand, during the summer in Hawaii, it can be very hot and terribly humid because it often rains there. In conclusion, eventhough both Alaska and Hawaii have some similarities in regards to the environment and the natural beauty, but there are also some differences like the accommodations, transportation and the climate. Therefore, for the recommendation of summer holiday destination place, Hawaii is better than Alaska. Because, eventhough sometimes the weather can be unpredictable, but the fact that the accomodations like hotels and restaurants as well as the transportation are very easy to access, tourists do not need to worry abou those sort of things and they can enjoy their summer holiday in Hawaii.

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Comparison & Contrast Between Alaska and Hawaii

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