Scope and Limitation Essay

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Scope and Limitation

Social Networking websites particularly the facebook is a big help for everyone in terms of communication purpose and fun activities. Young people especially the students are the primary users of facebook. They used to open their facebook account to play, communicate and explore different interesting information. Through this, everyone can say that getting addicted with facebook will greatly affect the students’ academic performances.

The young people especially the students nowadays are prone with the use of different technologies. Sometimes, they’re getting tired in doing their homework and in studying their lessons and because of this, they rather surf on the internet and open their to have some fun. Nonis and Hudson (2006) stated that students already “spend too lithe time studying” due to their busy lives. Here in the University Of Mindanao The College Of Accounting Education students used to focus with their studies for their chosen course is not that easy. If an accounting student get addicted to facebook and spend too much time for, it definitely he will find it hard to deal with his academic requirements.

In fact, there were many internet shops found outside the University Of Mindanao which are found to be loaded by students in different courses including the College of Accounting Education students. The facebook addiction of the accounting education students is a great challenge that they need to face in order for them to handle and maintain their good performance in school.

The facebook addiction among students is a very popular issue that still needs to be observed and solved by the students on their own. They must learn to consider their behaviors in performing any actions. Indeed, there is nothing wrong in using social Medias, what’s matter the most was the discipline within their own selves. The teachers in the University Of Mindanao found an observation that’s telling them that this kind of students behavior should be diminished to build a more productive and progressive students for their future.

Scope and Limitations

This study tends to know the effects of facebook addiction in the academic performances of the students. This is limited only for the College of Accounting Education students in the University of Mindanao.

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