The Comprehensive Blend of Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is a type of promotional blend which comprises advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, and publicity. It majorly uses both the media and non-media marketing methods. The promotional blend/ mix may be defined as the different methods of product promotion with the aim of achieving a similar goal (Pignataro, 2013). In response to this, the company using sales promotion as a method of product promotion normally has a goal of improving the aggregate sales of the specific product.

Sales promotion is basically more of being tactical other than being a strategic role in the marketing of products and services.

The characteristics of sales promotion include; Sales promotion has short-term effects and lasts for just a very short duration to hike the product selling. It operates and at the same time influences only the last phase of the intended purchase process. It displays a secondary role with the reference to any other forms of marketing. The products core benefits are outlined clearly.

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It involves a series of techniques that each has its specific purpose.

For the above characteristics, the retailers, and the manufacturers involved greatly in the sales promotion with the aim of moving and reducing the stocks that are already in the stalls while raising the capital required in the functioning of the business (Jefkins, 2013). The main objective in the sales promotion is the persuasion of the customers. In the fact this method of product promotion aims at convincing the customers over a short period of time, it, however, denies the company creation of customer loyalty.

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There are several objectives of sales promotion, including the following; raising the customers' demand, increasing the demand of the products in that given market, attracting the prospective customers, raising the purchases of the targeted products at that particular time and finally, increasing the availability of products in the market through the application of the social media platforms (Grunig, 2013). Sales promotion is more consistent through advertising hence giving information about the availability of that commodity in the market, persuading and as well serving as a reminder.

The main objective of personal selling is creating the cohesion between the customers and the company to avoid the customers' preference and taste from degradation. In sales promotion there are several programs that facilitate the techniques to achieve the aims, they include; contests, freebies, loss leaders, a point of purchase displays, premiums, prices, product samples and finally, rebates (Belch & Belch, 2014).

In conclusion, to the extent of being advantageous at improving the purchase of the products, there are several disadvantages involved, including; Increased price sensitivity; the customers may remain to wait until the promotion deals are announced to purchase the products, lowering the number of sales for that specific brand when there is no promotion. This mainly occurs in the event where there is some build brand loyalty. The quality image of that specific commodity may be tarnished; if the promotions of a certain brand rarely occur, the sales production is averse to the product in that case where the customers may start suspecting the legibility of that product (Grunig, 2013). The support of the dealers about merchandise is doubtful; the dealers only enjoy the benefit intended to be for the customers, in this way they deny giving the support. Short time orientation; the aim of sales promotion is just very short and may at sometimes have negative impacts on the product after sales.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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