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Romeo's Diary

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Essay, Pages 3 (618 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (618 words)

I Truly believe I am the luckiest man alive. Friar Lawrence has finally agreed to match me and Juliet later today. Rosaline is my heart’s old desire, but my heart doth gape for Juliet. ‘She doth teach the torches to burn bright’ with her exquisite beauty. I have been frivolous until now believing my heart belonged to Rosaline. ‘ Is love a tender thing? ‘ Loving her felt like a ‘ feather of lead’, true her beauty astounded me, but my unrequited love towards her vexed my soul.

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I longed to be with her, but she wanted to remain chaste, causing me great amounts of pain that ‘pricked like thorns’ . I could not forget about Rosaline, she was constantly in my thoughts, but I was purblind to ever think she could love me. I now realise my feelings for her were false and that I let myself believe I was in love with her because I wanted that love returned.

Benvolio wanted me to forget Rosaline and suggested we attended the Capulet’s feast, of which I have no greater enemy.

He thought we could go with ‘unattainted eye’ and compare her with the other women of Verona for It would me me think I ‘swan a crow’ . I trusted my heart’s good judgment, but agreed to attend the feast alongside Benvolio, if only to prove him wrong. Therefore it was planned that we would go to the feast in masks and carrying torches so that we would not be recognised by our foes.

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If the Capulets’ had discovered me, a Montague amongst their own family I would have been killed.

When we eventually arrived at the feast Benvolio immediately wanted to dance, but a dream I had, revisited me warning me of the events that were to happen should I attend the feast. An ‘ untimely death’ was to occur to someone close to my heart, not an intended death, one in the ‘stars’. By the looks that spread across Benvolio and Mercutio’s faces it was obvious they did not believe a word I had just said. Something dreadful was going to happen and I was not aware when or how I could prevent it.

As the evening grew later I went for a ‘Walk A bout’, noticing for the first time someone, whose beauty was far more exquisite than Rosaline’s. I knew not her name, but was overwhelmed by her beauty, completeley forgetting my surroundings and the people I was amongst. She stood out like a ‘ snowy dove trooping with crows’, her beauty encasing me in a trance. I felt so stupid to think I had ever really been in love with Rosaline and as I watched this stunning woman dancing in front of me I slowly grew out of love with Rosaline and in love with her. She drew me closer to her like a pilgrim seeking their ‘ holy shrine’.

However my thoughts seem shattered in an instant as I was discovered by Tybalt, who recognised me as a Montague by my voice. He critisised my ‘ grotesque mask’ and asked if I had attended to ‘ fleer solemnity’. Capulet was Outraged with Tybalt and praised me for being portly. I faded amongst the guests so I could dance alongside Juliet. I knew ‘my sins were purged’ the moment my lips met hers, I did not want the moment to end, but Juliet was called away as her mother craved a word with her. It was only then I discovered that Juliet was none other, but my enemy, a Capulet. I felt my life was being taken away from me and I did not have the strength or power to stop it.

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