Romeo and Juliet Theme: Love At First Sight

In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare think before you do something is a frequent theme.2 young adults Romeo and Julliet fell in love and decided that they are desired to get married after only knowing every other for a few hours . This story is full of tragedies.Have you read the book,if not then you need to because this book is full of life lessons that everybody must know.

In Romeo and Juliet,constantly think ahead of time before you act is a constant theme.

The reason why is because as soon as Romeo saw Julliet he thought he loved her and wanted to marry her. At the time he wasn’t thinking about all the bad things that come with it and he says “Turn households love into rancor”.This helps my declare due to the fact he knew that he wasn’t going to be capable to get the households collectively he wasn’t questioning he was simply talking.

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This is an example of a bad decision.

Another example of a life lesson is. In Act 5 of Romeo and Julliet,Romeo was upset that tybalt killed mercutio and he wanted revenge so he went to kill him and tybalt. Romeo felt horrible.This is why I say teenagers make bad decisions because Romeo is talking about killing somebody which could lead him to death or if he get away with it,it would leave him feeling bad.

Shortcomings brings personal downfall is another life lesson that was once in the book.

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Lady capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris But Juliet wants to marry Romeo..I still don’t think she desires to be married because she additionally says” it is an honor I dream no longer of “,meaning she don’t want to. I would say the same thing because 1.she's Only 12 and 2.she didn’t even get to live her life yet.

Some humans say love in first sight is realistic which in their opinion however I disagree ,simply by looking at someone don’t mean you love them ratherless say you love them due to the fact as soon as you get to be aware of that man or woman positive side or negative side they do or say which can lead to you not liking them or wanting to kill them.When Romeo noticed Roseland he fell in love however as soon as she let him down a lot,he lost his feelings for her. I think he knew he wanted to be with her and liked her but I don’t think he really loved her ratherless knew exactly what love was/is.

The main lesson I thought was important was Always think before you do something.This theme of Romeo and Juliet proved to me that teenagers aren’t mature enough to make adult decisions.

Updated: Feb 27, 2024
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