A Phenomen of Love: Do You Believe in Love at First Sight

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Love is a curious thing that has the power to create ever-lasting relationships or end in devastating heartbreak. Lucky for me this story does not end in woe rather it illuminates the beginning of a chapter of two star-crossed lovers. Waking up that faithful Thursday morning, on a chilly September school day, I didn’t know it then but my life would be changed in a blink of an eye. I began to embark my usual route to school observing the trees gradually change from green to orange, red, and yellow leaves.

After walking for about what seemed like an eternity, I can finally see from eye’s view the vicinity of my school. With a smile on my face, I take a deep breath mentally preparing myself to take on the day and finally proceed to enter the building.

In a school, various sets of people share the same space at the same time, sitting quietly in their desks for a few hours and moving from class to class interacting with their peers.

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The bells ring, and as the students around me begin to walk to class or to meet up with their friends, I wonder, “What are their stories”? We all start from the same point and are here working towards the same goal but each for vastly different reasons. The clock strikes 8 and the loud ringing of the bell encompasses the entire building motioning students to their first class. As I walk through the crowded hallway full of students, I try my best to move efficiently in a fast pace to get to my destination.

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I usually tend to look down whenever I walk through the hallways of the school but in this very particular moment in time, I heard an inner-voice telling me to “look up”. Then something magical happened and everything around me stood still in time. It felt like my existing world had gone into complete oblivion with the only thing now in existence that mattered was the dreamiest girls’ eyes I had just interlocked eyes with. I soon became determined to find out who this girl was and why she had made my world go into complete stillness when I met eyes with her. They say eyes are the windows to the soul and she was a soul that I yearned to know more in depth. I always aim to uncover what lies beneath the surface of the skin because I know that the true narrative of a person lies much deeper.

I wished to know her narrative and hopefully soon become part of it as well. Just like the ever-changing colors of the leaves make them unique, people too have many colors that make them unique. She was awaiting to be discovered and I would not hold back from the task. Many days passed and I had not stumbled upon this girl again and just when I was ready to give up the unthinkable happened. I was heading to the cafeteria and I see my friend approaching “I want to introduce you to the new girl in town”, he says. I agreed and as we’re walking towards the direction of where the girl is, I soon became aware that the new girl in town is also the same girl with the dreamy eyes I had stumbled upon. “Hi, my name is Nayely”, she gently says. Those were her first words to me and to this day I am forever grateful for the inner-voice in my head that Thursday morning that told me to “look up”. I never believed in love at first sight and always figured it to be a social construction built into fairytales and movies to give the illusion of a happily ever after. Nayely redefined this for me and I quickly realized that love at first sight was real because since that Thursday morning I interlocked eyes with her I felt a spark in my heart. Love is a universal language that can be read by anyone in the world. In the same way love can create one of the most inspirational learning experiences, where one can both be the teacher and the student. Falling in love is the most authentic way of learning new perspectives on life as well as teaching them which can create a strong bond between two individuals that can last a lifetime.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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