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Philosophy of Karma: Why or Why Not

One of my most fundamental beliefs is the Buddhist theory of Karma. I believe that your actions affect your fate in your future existence. What you do and how you treat others determines your destiny. There is a moral cause and affect relationship between your past actions and the quality of your future. There are significant reasons as to why I believe so strongly in Karma, however, this paper will address the belief falsifiers which make this claim susceptible to skeptical doubt.

Reasons Why I Believe in Karma

A main reason that I strongly believe in Karma is that it is evident to be a real social and phycological reaction. Karma is often associated with the supernatural. However, the following reason I believe in it is because it is supported by science. If you go through your days in society helping others and being friendly a chain reaction will occur. Those who receive your positive actions or attention will be influenced by you and will be more willing to help others.

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If anything, they will be less angry with society and treat others better in return. In your community, you are bound to intersect with people you have previously interacted with. They will treat you better because of the way your actions influenced them. This suggests that there is a moral cause and affect relationship between your past actions and the quality of your future. This is a scientific explanation for the reality that what goes around comes around.

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Another main reason I strongly believe in Karma is that my personal experience and my experiences observing other people’s lives has allowed me to conclude that karma must exist. I have personally experienced Karma throughout my life. For example, my twin brother would always pick fights with me when we were toddlers and his favorite thing to do would be too punch me In the back of my head. After years of abuse, Karma led to something very bad happening to my brother in return. He fell off of our roof onto concrete and hit the back of his head, resulting in internal bleeding and nearly a month of hospitalization. I felt that this was a an effect caused by my brothers negative and immoral past actions. Even when observing people I have never met, Karma seems to exist. For example, Adolf Hitler did the ultimate immoral thing and led the slaughter or millions of innocent people. In return he lost the war, his nation lost a bounty of rights and resources, and Hitler killed himself along with his family. Real life experiences is my second reason for believing so strongly in Karma.

Breaking Down Why Not to Believe in Karma

My first reason for believing in Karma can be potentially unjustified by the following local belief falsifier. Humans may incorrectly perceive how they are being treated or how others are acting. If someone feels you are being rude to them, even though you are trying to be kind, they will react negatively and you will eventually be affected in a way that is inconsistent with the meaning of Karma. If you do something good, and are treated bad in return, then Karma must not be real and my belief must be false.

My second reason for believing in Karma can be potentially unjustified by the following local belief falsifier. It may be true that there is no correlation between your past actions and your future destiny; everything happens out of coincidence. If this is true, my belief in Karma can not be justified. Although my brother repetitively tried to fight me in my childhood, him falling of the roof was completely unrelated to his past actions. It is simply that If there is no cause and affect relationship between your actions and your future, then Karma can not exist.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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