Everything Happens for a Reason: Belief in the Concept of Karma

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As human beings living on the same earth we all have our beliefs. These beliefs will develop over the course of our life and at any point in time can change based on our own personal experiences. A belief is a state of mind in which we believe something to be true, it also helps to shape our world views. A belief is something we hold close to the heart, whether it be through religion or simple practice. All beliefs are important.

In this essay I will identify two of my personal beliefs and how each of them provide meaning. Exploring this I will discuss the ways these beliefs shape my world views. This essay will be with reference to the quote by Peter McWilliams.

A personal belief that I go by is to always have acceptance of other people and their differences. As human beings it is routine for us to have an opinion on other people and how they dress, look and act.

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If no one had an opinion then the world would be an incredibly plain and boring place. I try my best to not judge people by their appearance but by their personalities, even if a person is cruel I will still attempt to try and find the good in them. Finding a positive intention behind a person’s actions can be hard at times, for example trying to find the good in a serial killer simply doesn’t happen because the good in them does not exist, and is overshadowed by evil.

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Seeing the good in others and having acceptance for them is an incredibly powerful thing for me to hold, doing this has made me a much happier and productive human being. It has shed a light in dark times. Through years people of different races, religion, gender and sexuality have struggled to find acceptance. Even now many people are hated on just for being who they are. This belief to me is an extremely important world view I hold, it has helped me grow into the human being that I am today, therefor shaping my life. If more people tried seeing the good in others and began accepting people for who they are then the world would be a much happier place.

My second belief that I have is that everything happens for a reason and that bad actions will always have either a good or bad consequence. I believe that no matter how hard things can get, there is always a reason for them. A more scientific term for this is that every action has a reaction. I may not always realize it but I know that what has happened to me and the decisions I have made will shape my future self. Whether it be how hard I work at school or simply the way I treat my peers. If you sat and thought to yourself how everything happened for a reason, you’d probably just think it was someone’s belief and that there was no proof in showing that it truly does happen. Well, when you make a mistake or say the wrong thing it all impacts you greatly. Making a mistake teaches you to be a better person and to improve therefor benefiting you in the future. A big question about the ‘everything happens for a reason’ reference is whether god is in control of the happenings and creates the outcome. This topic relates to the term ‘karma’ which is seen to be used through religion and in atheism. Karma is the law of cause and effect. In easier terms karma is what goes around comes back around which explains that if you do a bad deed then a bad deed will be returned to you. It teaches us as humans to think before we speak and act, because what we are doing may be effecting others. This belief to me is an extremely important world view I hold, it has helped structure who I am and the important decisions that I have made.

Everything happens for a reason, though the reason is not always as clear as we would like it to be’. A world view is a view of the world, it is a system of beliefs, some bigger than others. These two beliefs I have stated are what rule in my life. They help make important decisions and help mold me into the human being that I am today. Without them, the way I go about my day would have changed completely. In reference to Peter McWilliams, I believe that my actions are driven by beliefs and that by me believing largely in something, helps change my actions for the better and teaches me to be a better person.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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