I believe in second chances Essay

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I believe in second chances

Carl Band once said, “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” Growing up, I’ve learned to believe in second chances. Throughout my lifetime, I have noticed that every person makes mistakes at various points in their lifetime. As humans, we tend to hold grudges, but what we really need to try is to forgive and forget. Giving people second chances is a great thing to do; but what you do with your second chance is your decision. People can use the second chance to their advantage or they can use it to harm the people they have once hurt. I too have made mistakes in my life, but the people I’ve hurt the most while making these mistakes have always been the ones to forgive me. Three summers ago, I met my current boyfriend and I took advantage of him being there for me; he had given me so much love but I took that all for granted. How we met was strange. One night, I was on a video call with my best friend and randomly a guy appeared on the call; that was the night I met my boyfriend. At the beginning, the conversation was so awkward because, all he was doing was talking to my best friend, and finally she introduced me to him. She had told me that they meet through mutual friends and became close.

After we got confortable with each other, we talked for hours about the most random topics all night long; I had never felt like I had a connection with someone like I did with him. After that night, we were inseparable; we talked constantly to each other. Regardless of not having anything to talk about or have the most pointless conversation, we could stay on the phone for hours and it just felt right. As time went on, I thought I had feelings for him and we finally decided to be together. The first month was just what I had imagined, but as school started, we slowly drifted apart. Living in two different states was already hard enough for both of us to communicate so, I started talking to different people and I started falling for someone else. It came to the point that I thought it was best to end things with my current boyfriend. What I didn’t realize at that moment was that leaving my boyfriend was one of the worse mistakes I could make. Even though I moved on and went to another relationship for a while, in the back of my mind, I was constantly wondering what would have happened if we had stayed together and if we had actually tried to save our relationship.

I had not spoken a word to him since we broke up, but two years later, we met again. August 31, 2013, was a night to remember: I got to reconnect with the love of my life. We were both at a charity event for our mosque. I had heard from a friend that his parents decided to send him to military school in Atlanta but I never actually met up with him while he was there. At first all I got was dirty stares from him, but finally we sat down and had a real conversation. We forgave each other for all the wrong things we did to each other and we slowly started bonding again. I got a second chance with him and I made certain that this time I did it right. For the first month, we talked and got to know each other again. On September 25, 2013 we officially got back together. After that moment, I realized that he was the guy for me. He was always so supportive of me and always cared about me. No matter how much the distant was, he was always there for me.

Sometimes he couldn’t physically be their for me but, I knew if I ever needed advice or if I just needed someone to vent too, he was a phone call away. I was blessed to find a boyfriend and best friend all in one. I had given up on our relationship the first time and this time around; I would make sure that didn’t happen again. Now a year has passed and we still are together and happier than ever. Everyone makes mistakes. We all wish we had a redo button that magically fixed every mistake we have made, but life isn’t always that easy. In this situation, I was lucky to be given a second chance to mend my relationship. Knowing that second chances aren’t handed out, my current boyfriend gave me one because he believed in me and knew that with that second chance I could prove that things would really turn around this time.

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