Theme of “Checkouts” Essay

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Theme of “Checkouts”

In the story, “checkouts”, the theme is very capturing, many people can relate to the story. The author Cynthia Rylant uses the theme of love. That love eventually leads to irony. The girl and boys fancy for each other gets intriguing , and shows that love can lead to anything. The story beings with the girls and boys encountering at the grocery store. The literary element’s mood and tone are incorporated with this story and are very similar to each other, The author has a good theme for this story.

The girl in this story is very intrigued by the boy, as so is the boy with the girl. Waiting and waiting for weeks to see each other again, causes kind of suspense of love. As the author said, “She loved him at exactly that moment, and if he’d known this perhaps, he wouldn’t have fallen into the brown depression he fell into, which lasted the rest of his shift. ” This shows irony of not talking to her, it is basically love at first sight. This was the plot of the story and the mood and tone show a good perception of how the girl and boy feel about each other.

This was the rising action of the story. The climax was when neither the girl nor boy talked to each other and saw each other again at the store. They both had a strong attraction but didn’t say a word to each other. Eventually, after seeing each other, they had forgotten about their love and didn’t care for seeing each other at the store. As the says, “ and when finally, they did meet up again, neither offered a clue to the other that he ,or she, had been an object of obsessive thought for weeks.

” The girl and boy saw each other again, which is kind of fate. The falling action is when the girl and boy do not talk again, and move along with their lives. After that the girl moved on from her crush. To show that, the author said “Eventually-in fact within a week- a kind and intelligent boy who lived very near her beautiful house asked the girl to a movie and she gave up her fancy for the bagboy at the supermarket. ” That shows irony of how the boy and girl should’ve talked to each other, but didn’t. Basically, this story theme is about love.

Love can lead to many things and the story is pretty simple on that subject. There is some personification when the girl and boy see each other and the description of each other. The two characters love turns to irony and the story is ended kind of in date since they see each other again. The author uses some imagery to describe the story setting and what the girl character looks like, too. Finally, the story ends with a resolution that wasn’t too exciting but that was the point for the rising action and the climax.

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