Romeo and Juliet: Juliet's Relationship With Her Mother

Juliet’s relationship with her mother in this extract is formal and strict. The relationship between a mother and daughter should have the feeling of warmness and sense of kindness but in Juliet’s and her mother’s relationship, u cant sense these emotions at all. Its almost like they don’t know each other.

Which they don’t, they do not speak or be around one so there is little knowledge about each other. We know their relationship is distant because of how she refers to her mother Madam’ and my lady mother’ people don’t usually call their mother madam u call someone madam if they are your boss for example not to someone who is supposed to be very close to you.

This suggests that Juliet cannot be herself nor be comfortable around her mother.

At the start of Juliet and lady capulets conversation, lady capulet calls to Juliet as ho, daughter, are you up?’ this shows that her mother doesn’t usually see her or comes to her bedroom so its surprising, this backs up the point that it’s unfamiliar because Juliet’s replies who is ‘t that calls?’ this shows that she doesn’t even recognize her own mother by her voice.

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This suggest that they are used to being around each other and they don’t talk as much. Because, if they did Juliet would have noticed at once it was her mother calling her.

In one part of the extract, lady capulet seemed like she actually cared about Juliet for once.

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Why, how now, Juliet?’. After lady capulets question she says evermore weeping for your cousin’s death?’ Juliet is crying about Romeo going away, but her mother thinks differently, she thought she was weeping for her cousin and she was wrong so this gives us a sense of dramatic irony.

This also shows that Juliet’s mother doesn’t know what goes on in Juliet’s life, she should know most things for example who she truly likes, this again shows they are not close at all and they do not have a mother and daughter bond.

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Romeo and Juliet: Juliet's Relationship With Her Mother

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