Romeo and Juliet Comparison with Lord of the Flies

The play Romeo and Juliet may appear to have no noticeable connections to the novel, “the lord of the Flies; I check out these stories in ninth grade, today that I come to consider it, they do connect, but on a deeper level; they are parallel in many methods.

Both stories deal with 2 separate groups (Romeo/Juliet, and the two gangs that are developed in lord of the flies), in which it would be best to come together, however other forces are stopping the unity (Romeo and Juliet’s parents, and the leaders of the gangs in Lord of the Flies) and innocent people caught in the center and ridiculous passing away.

In the story “Romeo and Juliet” Friar Lawrence attempted to use his spiritual status to join the Capulet’s and the Montague’s however Jack Merridew put worry into the young boys to get political power over ralph.

Their different ways of use of religion are shown in the nature of how they use their beliefs.

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It can be revealed that lead character Jack utilizes worry to manage the boys, while Friar Lawrence uses the Capulet’s for faith to justify Juliet’s supposed “death”. In the lord of the flies, it can be seen that the kids are being overtaken the idea of having fun and this brings them to a quick choice of ignoring the worth of what is truly essential.

The boys put the act of hunting as more important than being rescued as their priority, as the killing of the sow justified carelessness of not maintain the fire when the boat was seen at the sea, This parallel shows how the brawl between the Capulet’s and Montague’s started, as both families thought that things can only be resolved through violence and this explains their disobedience to the laws of their hometown Verona.

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In lord of the flies; Simon and piggy were murdered, and on Romeo and Juliet Tybalt, Romeo and many others died due to the fact that they were caught up with what they were doing.

Comparing both stories it can be seen that they both show how society overpowers violence. Savagery was a huge part for protection for the boys in lord of the flies, as to the men of the Capulet and Montague’s used physical strength to satisfy their ego. I think that the main idea to sum both of these stories up would be that people with great power comes great responsibility, but it is up to the person to decide how to use it and how violence is overrated in society.

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Romeo and Juliet Comparison with Lord of the Flies

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