A Comparison of the Characters of Romeo from Romeo and Juliet and Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars Trilogy

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Romeo & Juliet Writing Assignment

Romeo, the main character of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has shown very interesting personalities throughout the play. In a way, Romeo is similar to Luke Skywalker, the main character from the Star Wars Original Trilogy movies since they are both young adults who don’t know what decisions to make. Romeo and Luke Skywalker both faced obstacles throughout their stories and made bad decisions which caused their stories to be altered into bad situations.

Romeo is a young Montague who sneaked into a party and meets his love, Juliet.

Romeo quickly finds out that Juliet is a Capulet, the rival family of the Montagues. In the play, Romeo faced the conflict of having to maintain his love towards Juliet despite their feuding families. Throughout the play, Romeo takes advice from Friar Laurence, a priest who married Romeo and Juliet.

Luke Skywalker in A New Hope is introduced as a young boy who lives with his uncle and aunt, also known as his adoptive parents.

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During the movie, Luke meets Ben Kenobi, a former Jedi Knight. Ben asks Luke to join him with helping the Rebel Alliance to destroy the Galactic Empire's space station. Luke is then trained to use the force and become a Jedi by his mentor, Ben. Luke also wants to avenge his father who Ben claimed to be killed by Darth Vader.

Romeo’s bad decision started with marrying Juliet. With their families being against each other, it would be a good idea to try helping them resolve their differences.

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Romeo began doing just that until he married Juliet and cared less about their family feud. To Romeo, Juliet is so beautiful that “Thy beauty hath made [him] effeminate and in [his] temper soften’d valour’s steel!” Basically, Juliet’s beauty has turned Romeo into a weaker person with less courage that he already has. This was not a good decision since this caused the fighting between Mercutio and Tybalt later in the play. Tybalt wanted “A word with one of [them]”, but Mercutio wanted him to “Make it a word and a blow”, then the conflict between escalates from there. Also, during the fight scene of the play, Romeo intervenes and decided to “Forbear [the] outrage” of Mercutio and Tybalt’s fight. That decision wasn’t smart since he prevented Mercutio from killing Tybalt in which caused Tybalt to kill Mercutio instead. Because of that, “[Mercutio] was hurt under [Romeo’s] arm” and Mercutio hopes for “A plague o’both [Romeo and Tybalt’s] houses”. Romeo admits that “[His] reputation [is] stained”. After that, Romeo killed Tybalt in revenge for Mercutio’s death. In total, Romeo lost his ally, Mercutio, and Benvolio wants Romeo “Away, [and] be gone” from the streets of Verona. If Romeo never intervened with their fight, Mercutio would have survived and Romeo wouldn’t have been banished from the streets of Verona.

Luke Skywalker made a lot more bad decision in the Star Wars movies compared to Romeo. First in The Empire Strikes Back, Luke is being trained by Yoda, an old Jedi Master. Luke wasn’t being patient with the training since he gets really upset after not being able to lift an X-Wing using the force on his first try. Luke is told by Yoda to overcome great obstacles and not to step ahead onto the dark scary caves, but Luke doesn’t take it seriously and decides to go into the caves with not much experience from Yoda. Next, Luke’s friends are trapped in the planet of Bespin in The Empire Strikes Back and Luke wants to go rescue them, but Yoda and the ghost of Ben Kenobi told him not to go into Bespin since it is dangerous. However, Luke doesn’t listen to them and goes into Bespin in attempt to save his friends. Unfortunately, he is unsuccessful with saving his friends and ends up having to battle Darth Vader, in which he loses and gets his hand chopped off. Next, after the fight scene in The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader, the main villain of the movie revealed to Luke that he never killed his father, in fact, he is the father of Luke. Vader then offers Luke to join him with ruling the galaxy. Luke however, rejects the offer and jumps down to the air shaft. This was a really bad decision given that Luke’s life is ruined since his friends are dead or are injured, his adoptive parents are killed, and his father is an evil Sith Lord. Luke is given a chance to co-rule the galaxy with his father and doesn’t have to worry much about fighting anymore, but he doesn’t take the opportunity. Seriously, who wouldn’t take the offer to co-rule a galaxy? Lastly, in Return of the Jedi, Luke fights Vader again in front of the Emperor, Luke injures Vader and tried to finish him off by cutting off his head. Luke decided against it and spared Vader’s life, he then was arrogant enough to go up to the Emperor, throw his lightsaber away, and tell the Emperor that he is a worthy Jedi. The Emperor then shoots his unlimited power of lightning on to Luke. Luke is defenseless from the lightning and takes on the lightning while screaming for help. This very arrogant decision from Luke would have costed his life since the lightning shot out to him from the Emperor could kill him. However, Vader gets back up to kill the Emperor by carrying him and throwing him down the air shaft. If it wasn’t for Vader, Luke would have been killed for just simply dropping his weapon to be arrogant towards the Emperor.

In conclusion, Romeo and Luke Skywalker play a role in literature as they both can teach the audience to think about what the consequences are to their actions. Mostly teenagers of today don’t know what decisions to make and when they make bad decisions, they can really affect their lives a lot. Romeo and Luke Skywalker are here to show teenagers to slow down with decisions and to not immediately make them without being thought through yet. Overall, Romeo and Luke Skywalker are similar since they made bad decisions that alternated what could’ve happened in their stories. Comparing

Romeo and Luke Skywalker, Romeo seems to be the better character out of the two since Romeo is making bad decisions on his own and he isn’t a bad listener. Luke Skywalker on the other hand, has two very experienced mentors to help him and to give suggestions to him, but Luke tends to not listen to them and he made the wrong steps which got him in a lot of trouble. Luke isn’t a good listener compared to Romeo, but both characters can be foolish at times.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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