Role of School in Character Building Essay

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Role of School in Character Building

Recently, there was a news report that a Wilson College professor suffered the indignity of being dragged through the streets of Mumbai, his face blackened. There was no resistance as such to this dastardly act. Since then, there have been many more cases of face blackening reported from Mumbai in the past few months. The culprits were students, claiming allegiance to various student unions. The sordid drama was enacted in public, with many mute bystanders. The police weren’t able to do much as face blackening is a bailable offence.

This makes one pause and wonder. What has happened to our education system? Whither the dignity and respect enjoyed by the teachers in the not-so-distant past? Has the new generation forgotten to respect their teachers? The degenerate attitude of these students obviously stems from lack of understanding of good values. The nobleness of the teaching profession stands severely eroded. All this amidst tall talk of India shining, and Indian education being on par with the world! Education isn’t mere textbook knowledge.

Real education goes beyond that. It should encompass the habits that one imbibes from one’s atmosphere and from the friends one keeps. Wisdom would be in maintaining a healthy atmosphere and a healthy friends circle. The more important aspect of education should be to impart humanity to the taught. This is where the teacher plays a prominent role of inculcating these values amongst his/her wards. As Aristotle has said: “Virtue is not learnt by reading big volumes”. True education should impart empathy and social awareness .

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