Rich and Poor: Opportunities and Challenges

A person may have experienced living in poverty and also experienced being wealthy. Some others might still be living in poverty and some others can born wealthy. “Being rich isn’t all about money. It’s about well being, abundance, having time, success, and the right mindset (Laura).” The difference between being rich and poor is divided into two. For example, the United States is one of the richest countries. The areas around Africa and Asia tend to be the poorest country.

But, that doesn’t mean people in the United State are all wealthy. Poverty and hunger are way less in the United States than in other developing countries. The United States is one of the richest country but there’s still a lot of people out there who live in poverty. Many people believe there is not much hunger in the United States but it is also a serious problem. Living in poverty mean not having enough money, food, and shelter.

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A person who is born wealthy wouldn’t know anything about the struggles of living in poverty. Things like money, food, clothes, and shelter. Here are the reasons how it leads people to poverty.

There are so many people that are hungry, millions of people go to bed without eating anything. World hunger is a major global issue because people are dying every day. “People are hungry not because the population is growing so fast that food is becoming scarce, but because people cannot afford it (Anup).” When people can’t afford to buy food, then they don’t eat enough and end up dying.

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Hunger is all around the world and mostly happens in Africa and Asia. It seems impossible to fix or even decrease world hunger since there are billions of people out there who went through poverty.

“Over 9 million people die worldwide each year because of hunger and malnutrition. 5 million are children (Anup).” The starving population is mostly women and children. Most people would likely die within 3 to 4 days without drinking water and eating food. China and India are the most populous and also the poorest countries. They have the largest number of people who went through hunger. Families with young children were living on the street with no shelters and food. Sometimes parents would tell their own child to steal. That one of their way to survive. In American, the homeless are everywhere on the street. They lose their job and home so they had nothing. Well, for rich people in America, they’re likely to waste food

Education is a major issue when living in poverty. Children who raise in poverty don’t have the opportunity to attend school. This can lead to a person’s lifelong struggle. This mostly affects young children. Millions of children in Asia and Africa Don’t have the chance to go to school. This reason is also because of hunger. “66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world, with 23 million in Africa alone (Samir).” Being hunger ruined children’s brains. Their brain doesn’t develop properly and concentrate on things. They have to walk to school without food and they also have to help out in the house or family to make a living for their families. That what keeps them away from school. Children in America has the opportunity to attend school at a young age. A lot of students in America dislike school; this is mostly High School students. High School students hate school is mostly because of homework, things they were forced to learn and their interest. Now, that a whole different reason between the countries. There are also other side of not attending school in America. Those who didn’t finish school and drop out were living in poverty and there is a reason for that. Family problems, low income, and even stuff like depression or stress. When children have no access to education, they don’t have the knowledge to know what’s happening around them.

A person can work really hard to reach their success and some others can do the same and still cannot provide for their families or themselves. A person can make thousands of dollars in a short period of time. A person can make as low as $10 a day and some others don’t have a job at all. They have too little to provide a family that why young children end up working instead of going to school. That where they don’t have any education and don’t lead them to not be successful. A person who earns lots of money has no worries about how they spend their money. And tend to even buy stuff they don’t really need. For a rich person, their power would be money because it is true that nothing in the world is free. But being wealthy doesn’t mean a person is always happy, money can’t buy happiness.

A wealthy person has a better opportunity than people who aren’t very wealthy. This can lead to so many ways like lack of education, food and having no shelter. Being poor is not a choice. Those people living in poverty can’t get the help they need and nor help each other. People who are wealthy are happier but that doesn’t mean they are also happy but they can also be greedy sometimes and easy when it comes to judgemental. “People who are poor are always looking for problems instead of solutions. They end up blaming their environment, circumstances, jobs, weather, government and will make an extensive list of excuses as to why they cannot be successful. Rich people understand that everything happens for a reason. Rather than letting life happen to them, they take direct action and make big things happen. They put aside all the excuses and eradicate their blame lists because they have to do what must be done (Daniel).”

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