Revolution Essay Topics

Women in the American Revolution

As had been the pattern in Europe over the centuries, women in early America were not supposed to play any political role in society. Following the ideas and values brought here from the Old World, colonial leaders decided that women’s main place was in the home, centered around conventional activities for example housework, cooking, cleaning,… View Article

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution (1750-1914) has been one of the most dramatic and far reaching events the history of mankind. It brought about a significant change, replacing the worker based environment with one that was machine led, bringing with it the start of mass production. As Peter Sterns (1998) observed, “Few aspects of human life escaped… View Article

How the Information Revolution Has Changed the World

Michael Dertouzos wrote What Will Be: How the New World of Information Will Change Our Lives in 1997, before the real Information Revolution even literally began. In fact, the internet as it is known today was still in its infancy in the late nineties. It was not uncommon, even when 2000 rolled around, to not… View Article

European Continent in the Industrial Revolution

Historians are divided into various schools of thoughts on the issue of causes of imperialism. There are many opinions favouring all possible options. The biggest reason cited has been the economic dominance. The rapid industrialization of the European Continent in the Industrial Revolution created an unprecedented economic advantage between Europe & the areas which later… View Article

Impressionism and revolution

Impressionism was started in 1860. It flourished for 3 decades. It mainly took place in Paris, France. In fact, Impressionism was against neo-classicism, which was too concentrated on academic exhibition. Impressionism was also against Romanticism. “By the second half of the eighteenth century the advancement of the individual was taking another important step forward, in… View Article

The Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution took place in the year 1917 and proved to be one of the major formative international influences of the 20th century. The impact of the Russian revolution was far greater than the similar revolutions for instance in Mexico, China, Persia etc. It can be said that “the Russian revolution set the standards… View Article

The French Revolution

Schools normally operate under the inclusion system in view that men are all created equal. Subject matter are classified but taught in generally acceptable practices thus reversing preferences to whether the system is applicable to a gifted or special students who are a lot different to what we call average students. This normative system that… View Article

American vs. French Revolution

The era of territorial expansion and conquest has brought many nations into revolutions. Their aim was to overthrow their conquerors and gain their independence in their own lands. Many cultures have been destroyed and many way of living have been adopted. There were forms of governments that were changed because they have adopted those of… View Article

Outcomes of the French Revolution

France- at the dawn of Middle Age Europe- like every country in the Western Hemisphere was under feudal laws, or rather feudal lawlessness. For half a millennium, the country was at its “dark age” as force- more than any other thing- triumphed over reason. Until the French Revolution in 1789 two classes cooperated with each… View Article

Compare Enlightened Despotism with the French Revolution

The Enlightenment, an historical period of the 18th and early 19th centuries influenced actions of absolute rulers. This movement also provided a framework for the French Revolutions. Enlightened despots believed that political change could best come from the ruler. Where as the French Revolution did many things, unleashed new forces, destroy old ideas, offered new… View Article

The Industrial Revolution

Introduction The Industrial Revolution came throughout the globe very slowly, but it has brought technology, economics, and even sociology into contemporary society.  The rapid change of events in the middle of 18th century transformed the human life forever; and undoubtedly, it was a turning point in the history.  These changes from the Industrial Revolution did… View Article

The Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic Revolution was the first revolution that changed significantly the way the people lived in those times. It is necessary to admit that it was the Neolithic Revolution that provided people with more opportunities to survive, caused significant social changes, though it was also associated with spread of new diseases. The Neolithic Revolution is… View Article

Napoleonic Era

Napoleon I is one of the most influential military and political leaders in the history of Europe. He led the French soldiers during the French Revolution in their invasion of Russia. Under his leadership, the French was able to defeat their opponents through employing Napoleon’s military innovations and tactics. During Napoleon’s reign, France turned into… View Article

French Revolution

To fully explain the root cause of Modern Nationalism, one must look into what has transpired in the French Revolution. In 1789, the French revolution was born. There were transitions of power acquisition in the vital parts of Europe. On the 14th of July 1789, Bastille was under siege and on October the King Louis… View Article

The Revolutions

 A revolution is a relatively sudden and absolutely drastic change. This may be a change in the social or political institutions over a relatively short period of time or a major change in its culture or economy. Some revolutions are led by the majority of the populace of a nation, others by a small band… View Article

The Revolutionary War

The first spawn of the American Revolution came from the gentry or in other words from the rich and wellborn. These were the first to resent Parliament’s efforts to curtail their rights within the British Empire. They voiced their unhappiness in published statements and in speeches before elected assemblies. These influential planters, wealthy merchants, and… View Article

Loyalists and Patriots: Reasons behind the Rivalry

The American Revolution is considered by many historians as the fist American civil war. Historians argued this assertion because it was the first time when the American nation stood against itself. Even though many noted that the American Revolution is a war against the British Nation and the American people yet no one can pinpoint… View Article

There Is Still Time To Save Revolution

It has been the scientists’ consensus: the world is undoubtedly warming (Pew Center). Thorough researches have proven that this warming is primarily the result of emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), in its February 02, 2007 report has found a strong link of these emissions on… View Article

Revolution of 1800

The election of 1800 was aptly named the Revolution of 1800. The Revolution of 1800 was a peaceful transition of power from one set of political ideas to another. Obviously, giving the election of 1800 this title means it has to have significant factors in the election. Many factors happen within foreign policy, judiciary, and… View Article

Revolutionary History

Between 1765 and 1788, the revolution that established the United States of America transpired. This revolution arose, because the power of the British Parliament to directly impose taxes on the American colonies was disputed by the latter. This revolution resulted in the establishment of a large republic and served to disprove the theory of political… View Article

The American Revolution: A Defining Moment In Colonial History

The war for colonial independence is one of the most controversial yet significant events in American history. Although considered a battle over ideas, the intense fighting and bloodshed left families torn apart and property destroyed. The courage and determination to win the war caused the colonists to risk all for the sake of liberty. In… View Article

Pitt’s Repressive Policy

The growing threat of revolution by English radicals being influenced by Irish rebels and the French Revolution was the main thing William Pitt the younger was faced with during his time as Prime Minister. To deal with this, he reinforced a repressive policy of tough legislation strengthened through propaganda.It was not only these actions taken… View Article

The French Revolution

The French Revolution signaled the end of the monarchy as a form of government in France. From the ousting, trial and execution of Louis XVI, it appalled all of the European nations and got them thinking how to prevent it. This work aims to gain perspective and give fruitful insight on this unfortunate monarch. The… View Article

People Power: The 1986 Philippine EDSA Revolution

“We Americans like to think we taught the Filipinos democracy; well, tonight they are teaching the world.” — Bob Simon, CBS anchorman, February 25, 1987 Revolution (from Late Latin revolutio which means “a turn around”) can be described as a drastic, significant, and far-reaching change usually occurring in a short period of time. Implicit in… View Article

Chinese Revolution

1.What specific development in Hunan Province reinforced Mao’s convictions about the peasantry as a revolutionary force? The specific development is Peasant Movement in 1927. During this year, the peasant associations are getting more and more, the number of people who was leaded by these peasant associations was increasing at an amazing speed. Then Hunan province… View Article

Historical Systems of Power, Governance, and Authority

Through out our history and even in modern times, colonialism, imperialism and revolution have played a major part in the rise and fall of power structure and governance in the world. Societies have been overtaken, ruled, risen, and fallen. Wars have been fought for the power of one society, faction, or government to rule another…. View Article

Enlightenment and the French Revolution

Ignorance has often been blamed for problems that the society finds itself in. Strategies aimed at fighting social problems base their strengths in enlightening the society on strategies that can be employed to better lives. This has been going on for quite sometime and many are of the view that enlightenment was a key driver… View Article

The Impact of the Enlightenment on Europe’s Revolution

The Enlightenment was an age of Intellectual reformation (but this is different with the Age of Reformation) or reconstruction which focused greatly on reason. The Enlightenment is also synonymous to the Age of Reason as people from Europe developed the power of rhetoric and the power of the mind. But to categorize this age as… View Article

Green revolution

This chapter of the reading deals with the introduction on what the “green revolution” is all about. Understandably, the major explanation of the matter is that the entrance of the 21st century in the human history brought about several advancements within the social system that involved environmental destruction. Understandably though, this destruction is something that… View Article

Revolution(s) in Latin America from Bolivia to Chile

This paper will deal briefly with the revolutionary movement in Latin America in the mid 20th Century. It will compare and contrast Bolivia, Cuba, Chile and Argentina and seek to draw lessons for today. Ultimately, Peron proved the most successful model of revolution, and this only because of his strong ability to mobilize disparate elements… View Article