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Responsible Parenthood

Categories: Parent

As i was riding a jeepney from an appointment towards home I was surprised when three street children went inside the jeepney and announced “Ayaw mo og kahadlok mga ate og kuya, dili mi mangawat ani-a kami para manganta…one two three go maestro…” and as they performed a series of rap songs many passengers were in awe and were happy that they gave alms to the three street children. And as the jeepney reached to Guadalupe they left the jeepney with full of smiles saying thanks to the people.

Yes, it was really fun to hear their giggles. It also made me think that indeed those children’s way of gaining money is better than stealing money or things. However, how long will those children do the same routine? How many more street children will be doing the same trend? Before 2012 gave her crown to 2013, she has made another record in History, and this is the implementation of “Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 (Republic Act No.

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10354)” informally known as Reproductive Health Law.

This law not only gives voice and empowerment to women but also gives responsibilities to men and the rights of the children to be happy (granting them future). The R.H. law gives emphasis to women’s health through the use of family planning through the use of either the “Calendar method” or through the use of pills and condoms (the artificial method). It is a great help for couples in forming their family and their family’s future.

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It gives the couples some “adjustment-time” to how many kids they would like to have and how many kids they can support.

It also teaches both the kids and the men on how to be responsible citizens. Such help would be possible through the integration of the subject to the different fields of studies in the school and orienting them to learn Sex Education itself and Proper Parenting. RH Law strictly discourages the act of abortion, but if one has committed the act already, the government will help that woman if there are complications making them realize their wrong decisions. Poor families will also be given help upon their delivery by the government.

All in all for me RH law entails general welfare for the people. It does not stop or disobey any of God’s commandments regarding Creation. It only lets the other people realize how “love-making” and having a baby is sacred.” Through delaying its process it gives the the children the future that they both want and need and not the life like those street kids are experiencing or worse… Indeed we have given by God a new and the best gift we can hope for…

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