Religion Gives Meaning to Life

Pojman’s conclusion is that religion gives life meaning, whereas a secular life is not significant to the way we view our world. He argues that autonomy is freedom with no restrictions and religion gives meaning and purpose to life, even though there are some sacrifices to our freedom. He says there has to be an explanation to how our world came to be and that our world comes from something much bigger than any of us can wrap our head around.

Pojman gives such detail and description in the way that he argues his conclusion. He says that autonomy is like having one-hundred autonotoms, one-hundred percent freedom; no restrictions, and religion is like having ninety-five autonotoms, ninety-five percent freedom; minimal restrictions which refer to our morals and ethics. If your autonomical you allow your life to fill up with a poisonous gas that will kill you sooner rather than later. If you live religiously, you are allowing your life to be filled with sunshine.

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Religion gives us a solid idea of how the world came to be. God created the universe and created man to live on the earth until we all ascend to heaven. Autonomy as many different theories. The big bang theory or just something that appeared by chance. We have meaning and someone behind us who is willing to give us the most of this life. The world has to be balanced in order to function. Good and evil balance it out. God is good, He is here to guide us and lead us to the life after this.

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Evil is what tries to pull us back and create this idea that we are superior to everyone and everything else, which creates chaos.

Pojman’s meaning to life is, “ God loves and cares for us, so that we have a deeper motive for morally good actions, including high altruism. We live deeply moral lives, not out of fear of hell, but out of deep gratitude to One who loves us and whom we love”.

I believe Pojman argues his conclusion very well. He uses scriptures to prove his point and he uses personal experiences that most people have experience as well. He compares religion and autonomy equally and knows what he is talking about. He knows how to describe each so that the reader can put themselves in that position. He is very detailed, yet to the point.

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Religion Gives Meaning to Life

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