Should Teenagers Be Given Restricted Freedom

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An adolescent is on the threshold of adulthood. Shouldn’t he or she then be allowed to probe the mysteries of the world all on his/her own?

It is true that the modern world offers various opportunities for all age groups in every field of knowledge. At the touch of a button you can get access to harmful knowledge! While a strong willed person would keep away from such evil, while some may fall easy prey to them. For instance it is easy to access adult sites on internet.

Initially one may do it for a dare or pressure from friends or due to curiosity. But soon all your attention may get diverted from your studies. You will then regret it some day and wished that some elder had nipped this bud of curiosity in the bud.

One should be inquisitive all right; that’s the path to progress and advancement in life. But cant this inquisitiveness be directed to useful and beneficial why focus towards bad habits like drugs and violence? Cant it be turned towards innovating us or obtaining greater insight into science, history, and so on? Here again some kind of parental control and guidance is must.

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Guidance from parents is readily forthcoming and genuine and one needn’t hunt for it in the library or the internet.

Some teenagers may think, ‘wont such intervention from parents, albeit with good intentions, amount to restrictions, amount to restricting freedom? Why should they decide which people I should mix with or which social party I should attend?’ Surely, parents know how far to permit you and where to stop.

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