Reasons Of Increase in Tipping in Different Countries

In Netherlands tipping is not to common mostly restaurants and hotels have included their service charges in the bill. As tipping is based on social norms of a country; so the social norms influence who is to be tipped and how much is someone to be tipped. A review of papers from 1990 to 2010 suggests that social and psychological factors might provide the dominant motivation for tipping behavior if they are compared to economic objectives. Researchers found different reasons of increase in tipping in different countries in the world though most of them acknowledged that there is national behavioral difference in tipping.

It was found in a research serving chocolate candies after meal increased tipping in restaurant. An increase in tipping was seen when insignia embellished trays were used instead of trays with credit card insignias while in another research it was found that people pay more tip if they are presented with a check on which a sun is drawn. In different studies it was found that the waitress attractiveness and waitress eye contact are also a reason in the increment of tipping.

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There are different conclusions by researchers who focused on the interrelationship of customer’s satisfaction in restaurant and tipping. Tip is not a reward given for the satisfaction attained through the experience rather it is an appeal to construct a social norm and the reason could be for ensuring the future service in restaurant like sitting on the desired table next time. While Azar O. H. opposes the findings on tipping for future service, rather he argues that waiters soon come to know that which customers are going to pay more tips and which are poor tippers.

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So the customers giving less tips are offered poor quality services.

The prototype theory about psychological origins of national differences in tipping helps us to understand national differences in tipping behavior. According to research people tip because they have innate liking for the idea; they want to help the waiters by rewarding them for the good service, extra attention and esteem they have offered. Such behavior of people leads to social pressure so other people have to follow the tipping norm and eventually the tipping expectations become so strong that people begin to internalize them as injunctive norms.

Extraverts are more social able and are more likely to give tips if compared to introverts; so effects of national extraversion on tipping customs may be mediated by national attitude toward tipping. Psychotics are anti-social and they are mostly against tipping norms, so they feel less guilt for not tipping. Lynn argues that national psychoticism on tipping customs might be mediated by national sensitivity to sense of duty or social obligation. Neurotics are kind of hyper people with more anxiety and guilt; Such people are more prone to scrutinize people than stable people. A that national neuroticism effects on the prevalence of tipping might be mediated by national sensitivity to social pressure.

According to my experience Netherlands does not have a tipping culture and the service quality and customer satisfaction is not dependent on tipping. The research will show the right results with facts and figures.

Updated: Feb 14, 2024
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