Identify the Different Reasons People Communicate

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There are many different reasons why people communicate.One ofthe main reasons is to build relationships. When an individual eg. a parent, a child or a member of staff joins a new setting, the first thing that will occur is communication. A simple wave, a smile or saying “hello” to that individual will make him/her feel more welcome. Gestures are also important when communicating to a person. This way we are building a relationship. Another vital reason is to maintain relationships.

When we go to work or out with friends we are maintaining relationships. Everytime we say “hello” or “goodbye” to a person we are maintaining a relationship. It does not always have to be work related but it can be a simple friendly smile or a question for example if they had a good weekend or not. By saying or doing these things we are maintaing healthy relationships.

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On a work setting it is important that we gain and share information with our clients which are the children and their families and also with our colleagues.

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By this we are able to work more efficiently and render a good service. Gaining and providing reassurance and acknowledgement is also a form of communication between people. Children and young people need alot of reassurance and acknowledgement.

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By praising a child, doing eye contact and showing interest in what they are doing eg. when making a craft you ask questions on how they are making it, you are giving them reassurance and acknowledgement. Physical reassurance is also important when communicating with children. In a good work environment the workers between themselves must also acknowledge each other and they must also reassure each other.

As human beings it is in our nature to express our needs and feelings and it enhances the commmunication between people. It is our duty to let the children and young people express their needs and feelings. If not it can lead to frustration and isolation. The last main reason why people communicate is sharing ideas and thoughts. People have thoughts and ideas and it is important that they share them with each other to improve communication. Children and young people love to share their ideas and thoughts so it is important that we listen to them. In a work setting it is important that colleagues share their ideas and thoughts related to work as it can be useful and helpful for the children and the service and affect own work.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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