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Breakfast It Is!

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Essay, Pages 4 (955 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (955 words)

Have you ever worried about the grumbling of your stomach in a classroom in the morning? Have you ever thought about getting snacks or lunch in the morning because of intense hunger? Are you like those who hop out of bed each morning ravenous and ready for breakfast? Or do you get through the morning with just a hot cup of coffee and absolutely no interest in that first meal of the day? Breakfast plays a very important role for our health, but a lot of people neglect breakfast.

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It always surprises me when I hear someone who skip breakfast in an effort to cut calories and lose weight, or because they’re convinced that they are not hungry and “couldn’t possibly eat anything in the morning.” The way I see it, breakfast is another opportunity in the day to eat delicious food and it’s also a meal where you can fill up on necessary nutrients. Eating breakfast is one of the best things that you can do to start your day out right and it is important to remember that healthy food should be selected for your morning meal.

So I’m going to persuade you that eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day by first telling you about the metabolic benefits of eating breakfast, second, by explaining how breakfast welfares human psychologically, and third, by discussing some physiological advantages eating a good breakfast. You’ve likely heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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And it’s true.

Numerous medical studies over the years support this. It is what gets your metabolism going for the day. Choosing the right foods to refuel your body when you wake up improves your memory and allows you to focus. When you are choosing a morning meal, try to include a mix of complex carbohydrates, protein and fat. This mix of nutrients increases memory and allows your body to get the fuel it needs to focus. Carbohydrates are an especially important inclusion in your morning meal because they have the most impact on long-term memory. Eating breakfast also helps your body regulate your food intake and weight. Researchers said that it helps in leading to a successful weight loss. Many people skip breakfast because they don’t feel well when they eat right away or because they don’t want to gain weight. But when you skip breakfast, your body goes into fasting mode, which increases your insulin response and, in turn, causes your body to store more fat. Try to eat within an hour or two after you wake up so that your brain is able to function optimally. If eating a large amount makes you uncomfortable, try eating a small snack soon after getting up and then another one an hour or so later. Now, I’ve talked about the metabolic benefits of eating breakfast, which includes its effects on memory and concentration, and aids in weight loss. So next, I’m going to discuss some psychological welfares of eating breakfast by talking about how breakfast helps decrease mental fatigue and reduces depression.

People who skips breakfast get tired and irritable easily. So with that result people tend to grab something sugary to boost their mood. However, over taking sugar will only make energy increase for a while then drops rapidly and it doesn’t really help. Eating breakfast may aid learning, as you are better able to pay attention and are more interested in learning. Eating something in the morning can help improve your mood and make you feel less stressed. Going for long periods without eating can result in low blood sugar which can affect mood. So after discussing the psychological benefits of eating breakfast, I will talk about the last, which is the physiological advantages of eating breakfast. Eating breakfast reduce absences and tardiness. Eating breakfast can improve cognitive performance, test scores and achievement scores in students, especially in younger children. According to a study published in the journal “Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine,” students who increased their participation in school breakfast programs had significantly higher math scores than students who skipped or rarely ate breakfast. As an added benefit, the group of students who increased breakfast participation also had decreased rates of tardiness and absences. Studies show that breakfast improves learning and attendance, and reduces behavior problems and tardiness.

Children who eat breakfast at school – closer to test-taking time – perform better on standardized tests than those who skip breakfast or eat breakfast at home. Eating breakfast such as fruits and vegetables could avoid strokes and cardiovascular diseases. The scientists determined that timing of meals, ranging from missing a meal in the morning to eating a meal very late at night, may cause adverse metabolic effects that lead to heart disease. Eating breakfast is associated with a decreased risk of heart attacks. Incorporating many types of healthy foods into your breakfast is an easy way to ensure your meal provides adequate energy and a healthy balance of nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning within the first hour after rising, and stop eating after dinner to dramatically lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Eating breakfast is the really most important meal of the day because of its metabolic benefits, psychologically, physiological advantages. There are many reasons not to eat a healthy breakfast, but none of them will make you feel like you could take on the world like eating a good breakfast can. So, will you still keep skipping breakfast? I hope you don’t, and you will start to eat breakfast regularly and expect to live happier, healthier and enjoy your long life more. Remember the old saying: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

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