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Fitness Goals Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (401 words)
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Three fitness goals that I have for this school year are: 1) to stop consuming all the junk food I possibly can but not all at once, day by day; slowly decreasing the amounts of candy or chips that I eat because I know that it will be a hard task so I would prefer to adapt to it slowly, 2) Instead of watching TV, I want to get up off the couch more and improve on my workouts, which I rarely ever even do.

3) Lastly would be to pick water as a beverage more often with my meals instead of having unhealthy sugary drinks.

My first fitness goal is to stop eating so much junk food. I would say that it is very necessary for me to stop eating junk food because that is what would be keeping me down. By “keeping me down” I mean that junk food is what is slowing me down from being the size I should be and also in by succeeding in working out.

For example, when my gym class did the mile my goal to finish it was 15 minutes, I ended up taking longer than 15 minutes and I came in last. If my stomach was treated better I would have probably finished before those 15 minutes and not have came in last.

My second fitness goal is to I do not deny it, I am a couch potato. All which I shouldn’t but I blame my parents for being extra overly protective and not letting me have freedom at all until I was 15. There little rule has brought me to where I am now, a couch potato. I don’t know how but I want to try to change that. If I do not change that then whenever I actually have the full opportunity to be active it will be harder since I have wasted so much time. As I am now, I want to improve my working out skills to where I should be.

My last fitness goal is to eliminate sugary drinks; I would want to drink water with more of my meals. I pick water over soda, milk, or tea what calls me are the juices. I love lemonade, fruit punch and other sugary drinks of that kind. I know that these drinks are very high in sugar that is why I wish to change this habit.

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