Improved communication technology and transport Essay

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Improved communication technology and transport

People can live and work anywhere they want to choose, because of improved communication technology and transport, do the advantage of this development outweigh disadvantages?

Until a few decades ago, the majority of workers commuted to their work places in order to perform their job abilities. As information technology has become more common in our life, this phenomenon has changed. Instead of wasting employees’ valuable time on commuting to and from corporates, quite a number of companies are establishing and offering a chance of remote working to their employees. In this essay, advantages and disadvantages regarding this ongoing trend is posed with some applicable supports.

To begin with, remote work provides job opportunities to dual income parents who have young children to look after, and it would remove geographical boundaries which allow corporates to recruiting highly skilled professionals or relatively cheap workers from overseas. Secondly, there would be a significant increase in employees’ productivity. According to a report from the USA, numerous experts have contended that an increase of 20 percent in workers’ productivity can be expected due to less time spending in commuting and more flexible working hours.

Moreover, since there would be less need for having a huge office that requires expensive rent and fees for facilities, cost reduction is expected to corporates. Lastly, due to a consumption of fossil fuel is the main cause of global warming and air pollution, working from home can reduces gas-intensive commutes, and energy using in buildings.

Be that as it may, there are several drawbacks have also been reported. An expert from IT industry has argued that reduced human contact can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation due to a lack of face-to-face interaction. Furthermore, misinterpretation can occur between employees and there would be difficulties for managers to supervise employees’ job performance when people only communicate and work via online. Finally, the benefits which the company generates as a result of telecommuting can be offset by an increase in employees’ home facility costs for remote work.

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