Reaction Paper About Jobs Essay

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Reaction Paper About Jobs

As I go watch the Fifteen minutes commencement speech that Steve Jobs, the once-and-again CEO of Apple who has spearheaded a few of the most iconic products in technology, entertainment and design,told in the commencement exercise held in Stanford University, I realized that everything happens because there is a purpose. Life does not only depend in any success and failure that we are about and is going to face all through our lives During his speech on the said commencement exercise, he told three different stories about his life. The first story was entitled, “Connecting the Dots”. He talks about how he patterned his life into the dots that represents each important event that happened in his life. He tackled his journey on what he did during his early days in college especially on his studies.

The second story was about how he ruled his work “as a job” during the up’s and downs of his career. He also told and connected love as one of the major factor of his success and survival during his own utopia. His third and final story talks about death and how an individual should manage and give importance to life. Life, work with a combination of love, and death. Three different stories with one purpose. To teach a lesson. Everything happens for a reason. Life goes on. As a matter of fact, existence does not only shows that an individual could either choose to live for the better or for worse because the time and effort exerted was considered wasted, rather it is therefore concluded that each action did on the past was considered and represented as a dot that will constitute the outcomes of his actions in life.

In the middle of hearing this story, I now understand why there are lots of students who keep on dropping their subjects out and do not mind if they will fail or not while they were enrolled in their respective subjects. Maybe up to now they are still seeking for the right time that will really suit their interests and will match their outlooks in life. Assurance of a good life and better future does not only depend on good grades. Every rejection does not mean that you need to stop and admit defeat. Sometimes it is a signal that you need to exert more effort and improve what you are doing to receive a better outcome. Remembering that someday I am going to die helps me from achieving and keeps setting goals all throughout my life. I always say that being productive is one of the best ways of expressing the things that I really want to do in life.

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