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It has been a restless day. Lennie and I were traipsing along the dusty roads of a rural part of California. We were only trying to recover from our narrow escape in Weed. If only Lennie did not let his feather brain to get at him again, maybe we are still safe and sound in Weed, not forced to proceed yet again with our travel. We are in search of a ranch where we can get ourselves a job, and I do not exactly know if I can still look after Lennie.

He has been unusually fidgety when I noticed him holding a dead mouse. It instantly irked me, prodding me to take the mouse away from him and take it away.

His response only annoyed me further. When he recovered the mouse, I threw it back again. That has been Lennie all this time. His actions were very haphazard, and while abandoning him can make everything much easier for me, I simply cannot do so.

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Perhaps, the bond that was formed between us is already gripping at me very strongly. Diary entry 2: The start of the Job Upon arriving at the ranch, we were immediately questioned by the master there. I was nervous for several reasons. First, and less importantly, that master looked strict and choleric.

Secondly, and the more important one, I was afraid that he will notice Lennie and its apparent stupidity. But as always the case, it is my duty to make up for my companion. Thankfully, we survived the master’s grilling although Lennie still looked dumb in front of him.

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We got the job and were led to the place where we are supposed to stay. We met Slim, and he let us know about Curley. Lennie was still a little fussy, although it was less obvious this time. I thought that he may be intimidated by Curley. Whichever is the case, I just promised to myself that I will ensure his safety always. Diary entry 3: The Brawl

For quite a long time, I saw Lennie burst with joy once again earlier. Slim gave him one of the puppies and the poor fellow was apparently felicitated. I felt happy for him, too. It unavoidably led me to recalling how the two of us met. I felt a tinge of guilt when I remembered that I used to taunt him as well. If not for his near drowning in a river, my attitude towards him would have not changed. I do not know if it was out of pity or out of pure goodwill that I promised from thereon that I will be at his side whenever I can do so. When Curley punched Lennie, poor Lennie stumbled and seem headed for some good beating.

I begged him to fight back and not let that bully to totally pick at him. He was able to recover and break that Curley’s hand. When tempers have waned, I comforted Lennie, as he appeared tearful. I told him that the brawl was not his fault as he was not the one who initiated it. I told him to stop moping, and did not stay away from him until he shows he is already fine. Diary entry 4: Lennie’s Other Facet This day was quite unusual compared to the previous days. I caught Lennie talking to Candy and the wife of Curley and it gave a different impression. They seemed to be talking about something very serious.

The last strand of the topic which I caught seemed to have something to do with Lennie and I’s dream farm. Lennie, from the way I have known him, is not wont and skillful when it comes to conversations. Seeing him with those two people really made me think. Perhaps he is not totally dumb after all. Maybe I have patronized him all this time. Maybe he really has some good talents. I shrugged off my shoulders and stop myself from thinking further. Before totally sleeping, I saw Lennie to my right; he was obviously asleep already, his innocent face making me smile before I totally closed my eyes.

Diary Entry 5: A Sad way of Thanking Today, Lennie continued with his petting ways, even talking to the dead mice. Suddenly, he found himself being accosted by Curley’s wife. That made him balk at first, since I intently told him not to talk to that woman. However, Curley’s wife easily gained Lennie’s trust and made him speak to her. The woman was sad, and Lennie also somewhat need a sincere companion, someone who will listen to his musings. She noticed the rabbit, and asked him what is with animals that capture Lennie’s attention so much.

Lennie, almost like a child, said that he loves to feel their softness. The kind woman, upon knowing that, allowed him to touch her hair. Lennie’s overexcitement caused him to hurt her. When she groaned in pain, Lennie hold her mouth, eventually breaking her neck. That event caused a bustle in the farm, and I was especially nervous. Lennie was nowhere to be found, and I was particularly worried about him. When the whole ranch knew what happened, Curley immediately asked everyone to look for Lennie. From the look of it, he is now a hot target, and only the worst can happen.

That time, my fingers were crossed praying that Lennie is safe. Diary entry 6 I found Lennie on the riverbed I told him to run to in dire times while we were travelling. He was there, looking thoughtless and dumb as ever, seemingly already expecting my harsh sermon on him. But I do not know what prevented me from executing that berating – that kind of litany I always strew at his pitiful face with my high voice and ever-present angst. Suddenly, he asked me about our farm, and at that very moment, I was startled, my heart felt like it was squeezed by a strong force.

I began feeling sad for the both of us, especially for him, poor Lennie, my dear friend. I told him that we were still better than most of other people since we have always had each toher, in the face of all difficulties. When the sound of approaching people became louder, I took Carlson’s gun form my jacket and shoot Lennie, my dear friend — my dear, dumb friend. I would not let those people ridicule or punish him, so I shot him. I hope he will treat that as my last thanking of him, for the friendship he has given me. , no matter how ironic that might be.

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