A Thousand Acres: a Theme of Loyalty and Judgment

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There are many mini-themes that go on through this movie. Some of the ones I picked up on are Roses’ cancer seems to be a continuing theme throughout the movie, as well as themes of loyalty and judgement. Rose’s mother died of cancer in the movie, and the neighbours have developed cancers as well. At the end of the movie Ginny thinks the causes of these cancers stem from the contaminated water system in Zebulon County. Even after the movie is over you find this theme still resonating in your mind because it has become such a widespread sickness while the causes are still very much unknown.

Loyalty is another theme I had picked up on throughout the movie.

During the film Rose questions whether Ginny’s loyalty to her father is obedience or just stupidity. Some would argue that this is just a profound loyalty to the individual who helps create you while others will think it is over the top.

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The statement above also shows how Rose is judgemental in her views on everyone and it shows throughout the movie.

She seems to have such bitter views of the world around her. There are a lot of different themes explored in this movie and although they are very serious it seems like they are explored in an unrealistic way. It seems unlikely that the sisters have been living in the same house for so long but have yet to address some of the issues on their lives and it also seems improbable that none of the sisters have taken the time to try and understand their fathers thought and feeling better.

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A Thousand Acres: a Theme of Loyalty and Judgment

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