Racism in Education and in the Workplace

Did you know, that police officers stereotypically arrest Canadian black citizens, and it mostly happens in all of Canada’s 10 provinces, as well as the U.S. Most officers in the U.S. suspect the black men first. “Halloween is the one day a black person can wear a mask and not get arrested.” Said by Will Smith. Racism has been existing for years now, and it still exists in 2019. Not just in Canada, but as well as other countries. Racism started with white people slaving black people since the early 1600s.

Imagine if you were a slave for a white person and you were physically hurting yourself for no reason. You’re getting paid a low wage, and you’re not able to pay for essential items such as food, water, and shelter. How would you feel if you were in this position? Slavery has been around for over 300-400 years, but it still occurs in other countries currently. My name is Vikram and I’m here to talk about racial discrimination and or racism.

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Racism also occurs in classrooms quite often. It mostly happens because students and some adults even are quick to judge people at first sight. If students are impacted by this, the child being affected won’t want to come to school and they will lose their friends, as well as missing out on their studies which can affect their future and how they live their life. With a loss of friends as well as being racially bullied, it can have a very big mental effect on you, as well as leading you to commit suicide.

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Imagine you were being racially taunted just because you’re a different color from the rest. How do you think it would feel to be unappreciated by that person or that group of people. Speaking of classrooms, for years and years, Aboriginals and Indigenous people have been trying to get those rights to education, but can’t get rights to education due to racism. There are also many true stories of people struggling to move in places because of racist neighbors constantly discriminating them.

Speaking of racism affecting education and people in the classroom, here is a true story about a 9-year-old girl committing suicide because of being racially bullied at her school. The girl’s name is Mckenzie Adams. Mckenzie was actually very good at math. However, the cause of the people at her school racially taunting her caused her to commit suicide. (Killing herself). Like I said before, Mckenzie being racially discriminated at her school affected her education and her learning. This means she couldn’t have gone through with her life and she wasn’t able to follow her dreams or do what she ever wanted to do which is really sad as well as considering the fact that this issue is still occurring just cause someone has different colored skin or has different beliefs.

Racism has been happening for 100’s and 100’s of years but what can people do to help? So many lives have been lost due to suiciding to racism. However, the issue has still been continuing in 2019! Research says that teachers can or should get more involved with racism in schools by partnering different races with each other and to get different races to get along. In my opinion, this could help to prevent racism in the classrooms potentially. Another way racism is helped with being prevented is by protests. It’s early in 2019 and there have already been protests against racism. Another way racism could help to be prevented is by calling out and reporting racist statements, jokes, slurs, etc. Emailing news sites or news programs about racism, in my opinion, could potentially help because getting more people involved could benefit to stop racism. Stopping Racism could be a huge thing because it could save the majority of the third-world countries that work with slaves as well as it helping the children and adults experiencing racism either in the workplace or in the classrooms at jobs and occupations, or at schools so that they can live a normal life.

I hope that these facts, statistics, the story, the information, my opinions, as well as the quotes that I have shared with you in this very speech have changed your mind to open up your mind and think about those people that are currently being affected by racism. Countries like the U.S., India, China, as well as Jordan, and pretty much most of Asia, as well as other countries either, are racist or are affected by racism. Help to stop racism by being more aware of it.

As the great Will Smith once said: “Halloween is the one day a black man can wear a mask and not get arrested.” I would like to conclude these words of wisdom with a rhetorical a question. Think of being a young child, being a different color than the rest, and being discriminated every single day. Your parents are busy and cannot help you. You commit suicide and your life is gone. How would you feel? Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this speech and you learned and you were able to understand a thing or two about racism. I also hope you realized how serious this topic is and what it can do to some people.

Updated: Jan 24, 2024
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