Monitor and Evaluate Workplace Learning and Development

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Monitor and evaluate workplace learning and development| 360-degree feedback: This review mechanism consists of performance data generated from a number of sources and almost always includes those staff to whom the individual reports, their peer group, their staff and, in appropriate circumstances, their customers. This approach typically includes a self-assessment using a common process to allow the individual’s own perceptions of their performance to be compared with the other assessing groups. | Performance Development Reviews (PDRs):The process aims to help staff and their managers/supervisors to achieve the best results by: * Identifying the individual work objectives that are most important in achieving the unit’s and the University’s strategic goals * Ensuring a sustainable workload * Setting development goals that meet the staff member’s job and career goals and which help to provide the University with a highly skilled and flexible workforce

* Sharing feedback about achievements and problems so that the staff member and their supervisor/manager can
* identify and address issues that impede progress

Performance appraisal * Performance appraisals are partly evaluation and partly developmental.

In traditional performance appraisals the manager and employee evaluate the employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

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In a 360-degree performance appraisal, feedback is gathered from supervisors, peers, staff, other colleagues and sometimes clients. The results of an appraisal can be used to identify areas for further development of the employee . Have employers/supervisors conduct monthly checks with group managers and discuss current status of groups- information such as behavioural aspects, work quality & efficiency & individual member analysis.

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We have been assigned to solve the problems and are keen to change the way the company works in order to better the company as a whole. There have been problems in the staff such as low morale, low efficiency and etc. The management of the company is also suffering from poor and out dated leadership techniques. This company’s staff and management has not been reviewed and updated since the 1970s and must be done as soon as possible if this company is to continue to operate. This is a growing concern as the company has entered its first year with a loss in profit.

to the 21st century with improved individual skills & team development, & better company performance. The organisation is still living in the past and thus has suffered in the market greatly, staff morale & efficiency are at an all-time low, the majority of staff are well over 50 years old, and are unfamiliar with the new modern technical age. The majority of managers are performing appallingly, which in turn is affecting employee morale, productivity as well as negatively affecting the overall working environment. To counter these problems I will attempt to implement new management/operational methods and improved leadership performance & skills, while tending to each employee individually to improve their skill set & value to the company.

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Monitor and Evaluate Workplace Learning and Development

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